Yasiel Puig dressed as Gumby for rookie hazing


Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig rapidly emerged as one of the biggest superstars in the league this season, but he is still a rookie. And rookies have to dress up in stupid costumes and embarrass themselves. That’s just the way the MLB life works.

On Thursday night, Puig and a couple of his fellow Dodgers rookies had to prance around in ridiculous costumes. Puig drew the pleasure of having to go as Gumby. We know that is Yasiel because some other pictures on his Instagram account show him with the head part off. Puig was accompanied by a penguin, the Pillsbury Doughboy, a naughty nurse and others. He even got to pose for a photo with legendary broadcaster Vin Scully.

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San Francisco Giants rookies dress up like Naked Cowboy, meet Naked Cowboy


The San Francisco Giants chose the perfect day to pull the hazing card on their rookies. After their series with the New York Mets ended on Thursday, the Giants’ veterans made their new guys dress up like New York City’s infamous Naked Cowboy. That meant the rookies had to take to Times Square wearing nothing but their undies and holding a guitar. As luck would have it, they ran into the original Naked Cowboy.

As you can see, rookies Juan Perez, Nick Noonan, Roger Kieschnick, Johnny Monell, Ehire Adrianza, Mike Kickham, Jake Dunning and Heath Hembree posed for a fantastic photo with the real deal. Walking around in Times Square wearing nothing but a grape-smuggler is a move that has been used for rookie hazing before, but the Naked Cowboy element made San Francisco’s night special. Bravo, defending champs.

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Photo: Twitter/George Kontos

Colorado Rockies rookies dress as Chippendales dancers for hazing


The more creative MLB teams get with rookie hazing, the less clothing the rookies seem to be wearing. The Colorado Rockies gave their greenhorns the Chippendales dancer treatment on Wednesday night.

As you can see from the photo above that veteran outfielder Carlos Gonzalez shared on Instagram, the rookies proudly strapped on their bowties and speedos and paid their dues like so many have before them. One lucky fan even caught up with the team in the hotel lobby of the Ritz.

If it’s any consolation to the Colorado rookies, they are not the first crew to have to prance around borderline naked in public. Some teams take it easy on their newbies and dress them up as pop stars. Others make them show some skin.

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Yankees rookies dress up as popular music artists for hazing


The New York Yankees may have lost three out of four games in a crucial series against the Boston Red Sox over the weekend, but that did not stop the team from having a little fun. Before they boarded the plane for Baltimore on Sunday night, the Yankees made their rookies dress up as popular music artists.

It was a personal spin on hazing that came out beautifully. As ESPNNewYork.com’s Ian Begley pointed out, above from left to right we have Preston Claiborne dressed as Billy Ray Cyrus, Cesar Cabral as Rick James, interpreter Jiwan Bang as Psy, Brett Marshall as Psy’s dancer buddy Yoo Jae-Seok, David Adams as Vanilla Ice and JR Murphy as Justin Bieber.

In an era where baseball rookie hazing has brought us players dressed as big-breasted cheerleaders and grown men walking around Times Square in Speedos, you have to respect the Yankees for coming up with a unique idea. Nicely done.

Mike Trout hazed by Angels again, this time dresses as a giant baby (Picture)

The Angels really seem to enjoy screwing with Mike Trout. The 21-year-old is arguably the best player on the team, but a rookie is a rookie. Trout played only 40 games at the MLB level last season, and apparently he didn’t fully pay his hazing dues when the team made him dress in this ridiculous outfit and parade around. As you can see from the photo above that Torii Hunter shared on Twitter, Trout was given the giant baby treatment this season.

If the Angels miss the playoffs, Trout will be looking for to next season for more reasons than one.

Red Sox rookies dressed as big-breasted cheerleaders for hazing (Pictures)

We’re nearing the end of the baseball season, which means Sunday’s road trips marked the last opportunity for teams to haze rookies by dressing them up in silly costumes. The Red Sox partook in the tradition by dressing their rookies as large-breasted cheerleaders.

Well, they dressed most of their rookies up as cheerleaders; Will Middlebrooks was dressed as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.”

A few more pictures below:

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Giants dress their rookies in spandex suits for hazing (Pictures)

The humility continues. With all the hazing we have seen throughout baseball since rosters expanded at the start of September, the challenging task for teams now is to come up with a unique way to embarrass their rookies. The Giants did their best earlier this week.

As you can see from the photo above that SFGate.com’s The Splash blog shared with us, the Giants made their rookies and sophomores dress up in fantastic spandex suits that really had no rhyme or reason to them. They didn’t beat the Rays and their “Call Me Maybe” stunt or the Marlins with their speedos in Times Square bit, but it did the trick.

Below are some more pictures that Giants reliever Sergio Romo shared on Twitter.

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