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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: baseball trades

Deadline Deals Already Paying Dividends

Much like the NBA season, I was incredibly pleased with the way teams were wheeling and dealing at the trade deadline in baseball. It’s always nice to see teams trying to compete and make the move that will put them over the top. Moreover, the exchange of prospects for major-league talent helps the competitive balance…Read More

Dodgers Finally Have a Real Superstar

So a few days ago it was a great day to be an Angels fan (and it’s still a great time to be one too, with plenty of room left on the bandwagon), but of course now it has become a great time to be a Dodgers fan as well. Despite tossing away $100 million…Read More

Great Day to Be an Angels Fan

The double-coup the Angels pulled on Tuesday was easily one of the peaks of the baseball season. First, things got exciting when reports in the morning said the Angels were warming to the idea of acquiring Mark Teixeira from the Braves. Later in the day, the dream became reality and the Angels all of a…Read More

10 Worst Deadline Deals of the Decade

Note: This is something I posted two years ago at my blog on Fox Sports before I had started this site. Since I put so much time into it, I felt it was worth sharing here (and I’ve copied and pasted word-for-word). In light of the upcoming baseball trading deadline, I came up with a…Read More

In Billy Beane, the A’s Should Trust

I learned my lesson (for the 82nd time) this year, that you can never underestimate Billy Beane. After he traded away Dan Haren and Nick Swisher leading into the season, I said the A’s had conceded 2008. They’re happily in 2nd place in the AL West, well over .500. What the **** do I know….Read More

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