Video: Rockies Coach Rich Dauer Hit in Face During Batting Practice, Breaks Nose

Rockies third base coach Rich Dauer was taken to the hospital Sunday after being hit in the face by a ball during batting practice. Here’s a video of the incident (keep your eye on the lower right part of the screen):

Dauer ended up with a fractured nose from the throw and was replaced by first base coach Glenallen Hill for the game. Luckily he returned to the clubhouse during the game after getting treated.

With all the balls flying around in different directions during batting practice, it’s surprising injuries like this don’t happen more frequently. Come to think of it, after recalling this and this, maybe they do happen somewhat often.

Video via YouTube user xGunslinger7x

A-Rod Hurt in BP Because of Joe Buck

If Joe Buck’s announcing didn’t already ruin the game for Yankees fans used to their beloved Michael Kay calling games, then Buck did his best to screw things up earlier in the day. The Yankees beat the Red Sox Saturday 5-2 despite not having A-Rod in the lineup. Alex got hurt during batting practice when a ball Lance Berkman hit caught A-Rod in the leg and knocked him down. It hurt Rodriguez so badly (either that or you can conclude he’s a pansy) that he missed the game. Here’s a video of A-Rod getting hit in BP in case you missed it:

Naturally you’re wondering where Buck comes in at this point. As D.J. Short points out at HardballTalk, A-Rod was distracted because he was waving to say “hi” to Buck. We’re not sure how much time he’s going to miss (if anything at all). We do know that if he were on the Joe Buck schedule he’d have a full week off to rest. I’m guessing A-Rod doesn’t miss a game. Luckily the Yankees didn’t miss him on Saturday.

UPDATE: Joe Buck says he didn’t initiate the contact

X-rays negative on A-Rod, Joe Buck takes responsibility [HardballTalk]
Video Credit: YouTube user JamesPatrickRadio