Big Baby Got Knocked the **** Out

The Celtics were already playing a man down (Kendrick Perkins was ejected) when another one of their bigs got knocked out of the game. Trying to defend Dwight Howard who went up for a layup, Glen Big Baby Davis got hammered in the face. Howard’s elbow plowed right into Baby’s beak and caused him to black out. Davis tried getting up but he clearly was lost and didn’t have his legs. We later found out that Baby was concussed, no surprise. Check out this Glen Big Baby Davis concussion video that knocked the second Celtics big man out of the game:

I hate to make the comparison, but the Big Baby reaction to getting clobbered by Dwight reminded me of the reaction from Santonio Holmes after the hit he took from Chris Crocker. You have to feel badly for these guys and hope that Baby will be back in time for Game 6.

Big Baby Davis Has an Oral Request

Glen Big Baby Davis got into trouble for yelling at a heckling Pistons fan in Detroit a few nights ago. Big Baby wound up getting fined $25,000 for yelling his obscenities and yes, it was probably deserved. Check out this video from CSN Boston and listen to Big Baby ask the fan to suck his **** in the background:

I could see where that would get offensive and elicit a fine from the league. I’m also waiting to hear how much the fan got fined for being a dumbass. Still waiting on that one, Stern.

Big Baby Davis Cusses at Fan Over ‘Fat Boy’ Heckling

Last year we saw Celtics forward Glen Davis earn his nickname of “Big Baby” by crying after teammate Kevin Garnett got on his case. Now I’m really believing he got the nickname because of real life experiences. The poor guy is so thin-skinned he let a heckling fan in Detroit get the best of him on Wednesday night:

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Now We Know Where Glen “Big Baby” Davis Gets His Nickname From

The Celtics were crushing the Blazers by 25 points on Friday night, so Doc Rivers decided to give his starters some rest and bring in the second line. That 25 point lead suddenly became just an 11 point lead with around six minutes left in the game, meaning the Celtics starters had to go back into the game. Kevin Garnett was none too pleased to have his replacements blow the lead and chewed them out for it. Glen “Big Baby” Davis is one of those second-teamers, and he didn’t take the tongue lashing too well. Check it out for yourself:

Man, I’ve seen athletes cry out of excitement when they’ve won, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one cry because he was verbally abused. I truly feel bad for Big Baby if he’s that sensitive. Who would’ve thought a beastly man standing 6’9″ and weighing nearly 300 pounds could have such thin skin? Video via You Been Blinded.

UPDATE: JS in the comments brings to our attention another crying incident — Manny Wright with the Dolphins thanks to Nick Saban.