Today’s Humor: College Football Recruit Destroys an Emo Kid

Sammy Watkins is a wide receiver who is being heavily recruited by some of the top SEC schools as well as a few top programs from other conferences.  My guess is that when a South Fort Myers high school student asked him to appear in a video he was doing for a school project, he didn’t know he would literally come close to losing his own head over it.  I don’t really understand the point of this video or what the project could have entailed — and the emo kid that’s the “star” of it is pretty obnoxious — but the hit Watkins puts on the kid is worth watching.  Check out the video of college football recruit Sammy Watkins laying out an emo kid, courtesy of Sports by Brooks.  Fast forward to 1:35 for the good stuff:

There’s no possible way that’s how the kid scripted this to go.  All of the other hits and beatings he takes through the first 1:30 of the video are harmless, and then Watkins comes along and just absolutely levels him.  If he knew it was coming, there’s no question he would’ve been wearing a helmet.  Some of the schools that are recruiting the wide receiver must be excited about his versatility after seeing this clip.  Then again, I could probably put nearly as big a hit on that nerd if I set my mind to it. Although not during game action, this is definitely worth of being added to our collection of big hits.

Film Breakdown: Florida Recruit Annihilating Emo [Sports by Brooks]

Best Hit of the Week, Hands Down

Zack Follett. Danny Amendola. Awesome hit. Must watch:

That’s what happens when you put an aggressive, rookie linebacker who was a 7th round pick desperate to make the team, on special teams. And that’s what happens when he gets a clear path to a much smaller, rookie returner. Ouch. Talk about living a car crash, yeesh. Maybe they should have stuck Follett on defense to try and stop Steven Jackson considering nobody else on the Lions was able to. Oh and by the way, there might be a quarterback controversy brewing in St. Louis.

Video: Ray Lewis Hits Ahmard Hall, Knocks His Helmet Off

Ray Lewis may be 33 and in his 13th year as a pro, but there’s no doubt he hasn’t lost much over the years. As if you needed confirmation, Lewis sent a message with this bone-crushing hit on Ahmard Hall of the Titans in their playoff game. Fasten your seatbelt for this one:

It was like Hall ran into a brick wall on the play. Freakin Lewis can hit. The guy already destroyed Steelers rookie Rashard Mendenhall and knocked him out for the season earlier in the year and now he’s knocking Hall’s helmet off. Oh yeah, he’s still got it.

Video: Major Wright Major Hit on Manny Johnson in First Quarter

I’d like to say this hit set the tone for the game but that really wouldn’t be accurate considering it wasn’t much of a hard-hitting contest. Instead, I’ll just be satisfied to say this was probably the hardest hit of the game. Florida safety Major Wright displayed exquisite timing on this play when he crushed Oklahoma receiver Manny Johnson as soon as the ball was coming down. Let’s go to the video:

That was only like two minutes into the game. Other than that it was more of a cat and mouse type of thing rather than a physical football game since I would classify these teams as more finesse. Now if it were Jermaine Gresham on the receiving end of the hit, Oklahoma would have really been in trouble. How many plays did that guy come up with??

Video: Tavaris Jackson Hit by Chris Clemons After Interception, Ouch

All I can say is good thing the Vikings have the rest of the year off so Tarvaris Jackson will have a chance to recover from this brutal hit. As if Chad Pennington didn’t already teach us why interceptions are bad, Jackson gives us another reason (turn down the volume):

Oh man, that’s really gotta hurt. He completely got decleated. He got lifted up like a foot in the air and slammed to the turf. My goodness was that brutal. The only thing worse than that hit was Jackson’s play all game. Sure, coming into a game in the 2nd half against the Lions defense when nobody has prepared for you is one thing. Lighting up Arizona when they’re taking the week off to celebrate a playoff berth has some meaning. The reality is Tarvaris Jackson cannot perform at a decent level on a consistent basis in this league. If Minnesota continues to run him out there at QB, they’re not going to be anything better than mediocre. It’s really too bad because both of their lines are great and so is their running game. Sad to see it all go to waste. Thanks to the Suave click of Tirico for the vid, via Ballhype.

Video: Jeff Garcia Hit by Quentin Jammer, Gets Face Bloodied

There’s a reason I had picked the Buccaneers to win this game, and Jeff Garcia was a big factor in that decision. I said his playmaking ability and desire to win would be a difference. That didn’t exactly turn out to be the case, but Garcia showed once again that he’s one of the tougher QBs in the league. Check out the punishment he takes from Quentin Jammer on this hit and the bloody mess he becomes afterward:

Later in the game the blood was just pouring down his face in streams of red. Too bad he had the two picks because Garcia’s face had gamer written all over it. The Bucs defense really imploded, and Rivers also showed it’s a joke he wasn’t selected to the Pro Bowl.

Video: Santonio Holmes Hit by Chris Crocker, Comes Up Woozy

I’ve posted lots of big hits here on the site, but I really feel bad for Santonio Holmes when I post this. He got crushed. Lit up. De-cleated. Destroyed. You could see how woozy he was after he got up from the shot, his legs all wobbly like he just took a combination from Mike Tyson. Ben Roethlisberger was like the first guy over, ostensibly feeling bad for leaving the guy hanging out to dry. Enough of the chit-chat — let’s go to the videotape:

The video doesn’t really show Holmes losing his legs from under him when he gets up from the hit. I really feel bad saying that they’re missing like the best part. Just goes to show you why so many receivers are shy about going across the middle — it leaves you wide open to shots such as that one. At least he hung onto the ball and made it semi-worthwhile.