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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Bill Polian

Doug Marrone reportedly ripped Bills to Bill Polian

Bill Polian decided not to pursue a job with the Buffalo Bills after being turned off from the organization based on conversations with Doug Marrone, according to a report. Marrone opted out of his contract with the team this week following two years on the job, including an impressive 9-7 finish this season. The Bills…Read More

Bill Polian: Drafting Andy Dalton would have saved my job

The Indianapolis Colts chose not to draft a quarterback in the early rounds of the 2011 NFL draft, knowing that Peyton Manning had undergone a series of neck surgeries and was out indefinitely. The Colts didn’t have a viable backup quarterback, and the end result was a league-worst 2-14 season. After the Colts succeeded* with…Read More

Bill Polian ticked at Jim Irsay for disparaging Colts defense

Former Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian seems furious with team owner Jim Irsay for disparaging the Colts’ defense and special teams as a way to backtrack from his “cheap shot” at Peyton Manning. In an interview with USA Today, Irsay seemed to express disappointment over the Colts only winning one Super Bowl with Manning at…Read More

Bill Polian: Colts Should Have Drafted Rodger Saffold Over Jerry Hughes

It’s not often that a team acknowledges a mistake, and it’s even more rare for an individual to do so publicly. Shockingly, both happened on Monday night. Stampede Blue, via Pro Football Talk, was listening to Bill Polian’s radio show and heard a surprising statement. Asked a question by a caller, Polian, who is the…Read More

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