Kevin Garnett Put His Hand on Bill Walker’s Throat, but He Likely Won’t be Punished

Kevin Garnett wasted little time showing his midseason form. And by midseason form, we don’t mean putting up strong stats for the Celtics; we mean being a jackass on the court.

KG missed a last-second jumper that could have tied the Celtics-Knicks game Sunday. It looks like his former teammate/current Knicks guard, Bill Walker, talked some trash to him after the brick. Garnett responded by briefly choking Walker.

A few reporters said Garnett will not be fined or suspended for the incident. We can’t understand why. Is the NBA saying it’s OK to act like you’re choking another player? Maybe a suspension would have been overboard since it was so brief, but at least hit him with a $50,000 fine given his history. Garnett may say he’s not a dirty player, but we would say otherwise. It’s incidents like this that led one player to call KG a coward and punk.

Bill Walker Has No Use for Urinals

Bill Walker Urinating

This story has made its rounds, but it’s too incredible for me to pass up. Deadspin points out that Kansas State player Bill Walker found himself in quite the predicament Thursday night in a game against Oregon. He was asked to check into the ballgame, but he really needed to urinate badly. With no time to hurry off to the restroom, he did just what any typical guy on the bench would do — he relieved himself into several towels while standing courtside.

I’m wondering how word of this incident was passed along. The dissemination of information these days is just incredible. With Leather even has the video proof, though I have to admit, it’s pretty weak sauce:

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