Donald Sterling says he’ll pay Chris Paul, Blake Griffin max to keep them forever

Of all the owners in the NBA — and perhaps even professional sports in general — Donald Sterling has to be one of the dumbest. For the most part, he’s just a rich dude who owns a basketball team that he could care less about it. He does, however, insist he is going to make the right moves with his two biggest superstars. Now that the Clippers are relevant again, Sterling has to make sure Chris Paul and Blake Griffin stay with the team.

“Chris Paul will be with me for a lifetime,” Sterling said according to the L.A. Times. “And Blake will too. I’m not going to ever let these guys go. They are max players, and so you’re going to pay that and keep them.”

Griffin is a free agent after this year and Paul’s contract is scheduled to expire at the end of next season. Both will obviously require a max contract extension — which this year for Griffin would be a five-year, $95 million deal — but keeping two young superstars would give the Clippers the core they need for years to come.

As for whether or not it will actually happen, we all know it’s not that simple. When you have someone who has been known to do ridiculous things like this running the show, even the simplest matters can become complicated.

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Jason Smith destroys Blake Griffin with flagrant foul, gets ejected (Video)

There are hard fouls, and then there’s what Hornets forward Jason Smith did to Blake Griffin on Thursday night. After Smith turned the ball over with a lousy pass, it ended up in the hands of Griffin. Sensing that Griffin was more than likely going to throw down a thunderous on the other end of the court, Smith got back to play defense in a hurry — if you want to call it that. As you can see from the video above that Eye on Basketball passed along, Smith straight up destroyed Griffin by laying a shoulder into him. There was absolutely no effort to go for the ball and the hit looked like one that belongs on the gridiron.

Smith was called for a Flagrant 2 foul which is an automatic ejection, and I’d be shocked if a suspension isn’t on its way. Despite the fact that he immediately threw his arms up as if the contact was unintentional when the play happened, Smith apologized after the game.

“I didn’t want to give him an easy layup (but) there are a ton better ways to go about it,” he said according to Hornets.com.

If I may play the role of mom for a second, sorry just isn’t going to cut it this time, mister.

Blake Griffin airballs free throws back-to-back (Video)

For all the great things Blake Griffin can do, shooting free throws is his one glaring weakness. He’s making over 50% of his field goals, averaging 21 points and 11 rebounds per game, but he’s only 55% from the line this season. Still, nothing he’s done compared to what happened on Wednesday. Griffin airballed back-to-back free throws against the Hawks. He literally missed both by a foot — something most middle schoolers wouldn’t do. It was truly pathetic and definitely a source of embarrassment for Griffin. At least his team won.

Video via Eye on Basketball

Weird: Blake Griffin signed fans’ autographs ‘CP3′ (Picture)

Clippers all-star Blake Griffin must have been in some sort of strange mood over the weekend, because he bizarrely signed autographs for some fans as “CP3.”

Our tipster in Houston says he was able to catch Griffin for a signature as the power forward was returning to his hotel from the team’s practice Sunday. Strangely, Griffin signed our tipster’s photo “CP3″ — which is the initials and number of Clippers point guard Chris Paul. He apparently signed a few autographs as CP3, drew circles for his signature on a few other items, and signed his real signature on others.

We generally avoid autograph stories because we like hearing both versions of events before making an athlete look bad, but this was just too funny and bizarre to pass on. Griffin is one of the more humorous athletes around, so it’s possible this was his version of a cruel joke.

Shawn Kemp says he was a better dunker than Blake Griffin, goes third person

Those of you who remember Shawn Kemp during his days with the Sonics undoubtedly remember an explosive player. Kemp had hops and he had power. He could shake the rim as well as any player during mid-90s when he played for a team that George Karl considers to be one of the best ever. That being said, he wasn’t nearly as athletic as Blake Griffin is. As you can see from the interview above with SonicsGate.org, Kemp isn’t all that impressed with Griffin and believes he was a better dunker during his day.

“Some of those dunks they’re doing are not dunks, those are what you would call slap-ins,” Kemp said. “A dunk is when you aggressively dunk the basketball and the rim bends. I guess the difference would be those are alley-oops. What I was doing are tomahawks. That’s the difference.

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Blake Griffin dunks over half the Nuggets (Video)

Blake Griffin has put together several monster dunks during his short NBA career, and this is easily one of my favorites. Griffin, who once infamously tea-bagged Timofey Mozgov when the latter was with the Knicks, nearly repeated history Wednesday. Blake dunked over (or around) three Nuggets players in the third quarter of the Clippers’ 103-95 win. Griffin had 27 and 12, but those two were easily the most impressive. I honestly liked it as much as the Kendrick Perkins dunk.

Blake Griffin dunking on Kendrick Perkins is now officially a T-shirt (Picture)

The term “posterized” is probably the most overused word in basketball. Very few of the dunks we rant and rave about over the course of an NBA season actually make their way onto a poster. Unfortunately for Kendrick Perkins, some of them do. Even worse, some become T-shirts. Check out this Blake Griffin T-shirt that The Basketball Jones passed along:

If you have $20 and take a trip over the ClippersStore.com, you too can help cement Jan. 30, 2012 as one of the worst days of Perkins’ career.  In reality, there was nothing he could have done.  He fouled Grffin and pushed him away from the hoop, but we all know how much of an unstoppable force Blake can be. As you can see, Kevin Durant’s opinion didn’t exactly influence merchandise sales.