Shawn Kemp says he was a better dunker than Blake Griffin, goes third person

Those of you who remember Shawn Kemp during his days with the Sonics undoubtedly remember an explosive player. Kemp had hops and he had power. He could shake the rim as well as any player during mid-90s when he played for a team that George Karl considers to be one of the best ever. That being said, he wasn’t nearly as athletic as Blake Griffin is. As you can see from the interview above with SonicsGate.org, Kemp isn’t all that impressed with Griffin and believes he was a better dunker during his day.

“Some of those dunks they’re doing are not dunks, those are what you would call slap-ins,” Kemp said. “A dunk is when you aggressively dunk the basketball and the rim bends. I guess the difference would be those are alley-oops. What I was doing are tomahawks. That’s the difference.

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Blake Griffin dunks over half the Nuggets (Video)

Blake Griffin has put together several monster dunks during his short NBA career, and this is easily one of my favorites. Griffin, who once infamously tea-bagged Timofey Mozgov when the latter was with the Knicks, nearly repeated history Wednesday. Blake dunked over (or around) three Nuggets players in the third quarter of the Clippers’ 103-95 win. Griffin had 27 and 12, but those two were easily the most impressive. I honestly liked it as much as the Kendrick Perkins dunk.

Blake Griffin dunking on Kendrick Perkins is now officially a T-shirt (Picture)

The term “posterized” is probably the most overused word in basketball. Very few of the dunks we rant and rave about over the course of an NBA season actually make their way onto a poster. Unfortunately for Kendrick Perkins, some of them do. Even worse, some become T-shirts. Check out this Blake Griffin T-shirt that The Basketball Jones passed along:

If you have $20 and take a trip over the ClippersStore.com, you too can help cement Jan. 30, 2012 as one of the worst days of Perkins’ career.  In reality, there was nothing he could have done.  He fouled Grffin and pushed him away from the hoop, but we all know how much of an unstoppable force Blake can be. As you can see, Kevin Durant’s opinion didn’t exactly influence merchandise sales.

Blake Griffin not planning to defend dunk contest title

Clippers forward Blake Griffin got some good news Thursday when he learned he was voted into the All-Star Game as a starter. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to deliver the same good news to the fans. Griffin says he’s not planning to defend his dunk competition title.

“As of right now I don’t plan on being in it,” Griffin said Thursday night. “Those dunk contests aren’t my thing, I said that last year. There’s a lot of guys that can put on a great show and do some good stuff.”

Wait, wait, wait a second. Blake says the dunk contests aren’t his thing? I’m sorry, sir, but they were invented for guys like you.

“Last year was hectic and it kind of made it unenjoyable,” Griffin said. “So this year, we’ll see what will happen, but I will try to tone it down a bit and get a break instead of being so busy.”

That’s certainly understandable. Blake played in the rookie-sophomore game, the All-Star Game, and participated in the dunk contest. There’s no doubt it tired him out at a time when he should be enjoying things. But Blake is only 22. He should give the fans another show or two before officially retiring from the competition.

Kevin Durant Not Impressed with Blake Griffin’s Dunk ‘It was a Layup’

Two days later and the NBA is still buzzing about Blake Griffin’s throwdown on Kendrick Perkins Monday night. Just don’t expect Kevin Durant to gush about the highlight that embarrassed his teammate.

“I have no appreciation for it at all,” Durant said Wednesday. “It was a layup. He threw the ball in and got fouled and made his free throw. It’s three points at the end of the day, no matter how it went in the basket.

“So I really wasn’t impressed. He finished it. So what? We moved on. That’s not why we lost the game. Any time you guys ask about my teammate getting dunked on or crossed up or a shot made on him, it’s a bad question and I don’t like it.”

Durant probably was impressed, but he won’t admit it because it happened against the Thunder.

“If it wasn’t against us, maybe I’d say it was a good play. But it was against us, so it was a bad play. I have nothing against Blake. Don’t get that wrong. But it was against us so I have to stick up for my teammate.”

You could tell after the game that Durant didn’t appreciate the questions about the play, so it’s no surprise his stance hasn’t changed. I understand why reporters are asking him about it, but that can’t be easy; they’re probably receiving the stare of death in response.

And of course we can’t bring up the dunk without showing it to you again …

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Blake Griffin Posterizes Kendrick Perkins for the Dunk of the Year (Video)

What constitutes a dunk? When I first saw this video I was insanely impressed, but I was wondering if it qualifies as a dunk since Blake Griffin didn’t even touch the rim. According to Webster’s dictionary, it does: “A shot in which a player near the basket jumps with the ball and attempts to thrust it through the basket with one hand or both hands held above the rim.” Check and check.

Since we already knew Griffin was capable of throwing down dunks like this one and this one, he has to really work hard to make our jaws drop.  His dunk on Kendrick Perkins Monday night did exactly that.  How did he make the ball go in the hoop there? It pains me to even say that Perkins got posterized, because there was absolutely nothing more he could have done.  Perhaps Blake was trying to make up for that missed alley-oop from a couple weeks ago?  Between LeBron literally jumping over someone and now this, it has been a good few days for monster jams.

Blake Griffin Misses Alley-Oop (Video)

Blake Griffin is probably the best dunker in the NBA. The dude went nuts as soon as he heard Chris Paul was coming to town, saying “lob city!” He’s hooked up for several sweet alley-oops this season, but on Friday night against the Timberwolves, we experienced somewhat of a first.

Griffin actually missed on an alley-oop.The pass to him was low, leading him into the rim. At least he stripped the ball and got the layup to complete the bucket so the entire sequence wasn’t embarrassing.