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Friday, May 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Bob Costas

Bob Costas is in on the Superman Fortress of Solitude joke

Welp, it’s official: the Fortress of Solitude jokes have reached Sochi. NBC host Bob Costas began his introduction to the network’s coverage of the Olympics on Saturday with a joke about his eye infection and his studio set looking like Superman’s setup. “Hi everybody, Bob Costas in Studio A at the International Broadcast Center, a…Read More

Bob Costas has pink eye and is wearing glasses in Sochi

If you saw Bob Costas doing Olympics work on NBC at all Thursday, your first question probably was “what the heck is up with Bob Costas’ eye?” and why is he wearing glasses? Turns out that the veteran broadcaster developed an eye infection that prevented him from putting in contact lenses, which is why he’s…Read More

Bob Costas: Bud Selig is trying to repair his steroid legacy

MLB has taken a harsh stance towards those who violate the league’s drug policy and seems insistent on moving past the “steroid era” of the game. Not only has the league instituted a strong drug testing program, but it is also working hard to enforce penalties. MLB went to great lengths to pursue the Biogenesis…Read More

Bob Costas raps Ludacris lyrics (Video)

If anyone ever tells you Bob Costas has no game, you tell them they’re wrong. You tell them they are so, so wrong. Costas is usually the man who handles all of the most serious issues in sports and does so with grace and professionalism, but the return of the MLB season had him in…Read More

Bob Costas gave a moving eulogy for Stan Musial (Video)

Stan Musial was an exceptional ballplayer and by many accounts exceptional human being. It was fitting that he was eulogized in an exceptional manner. Veteran sportscaster and St. Louis native Bob Costas spoke for over 19 minutes at the funeral for Musial Saturday, a week after the Baseball Hall of Famer died at the age…Read More

Jacksonville anchor Dan Hicken blows up at Bob Costas (Video)

One local news anchor was not happy with NBC’s Bob Costas for apparently going over his designated time frame last week during Olympics coverage, so he spent the first minute of his newscast ripping into the veteran broadcaster. Dan Hicken, who as been the sports director of 12 News in Jacksonville since 1991, ranted about…Read More

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