Bob Knight Blasts Chicken S*** Defense on ESPN GameDay

Bob Knight is known for speaking his mind and dropping cuss words as he pleases. For some reason, he comes across as mild by his standards when he’s on TV. But Knight had a Bob Knight moment on GameDay Saturday morning on ESPN where he dropped a cuss word as BubbaProg captured for us:

Knight was just purely in his element there and couldn’t resist it. That’s what we love — Knight being Knight. Only difference is unlike Ozzie, he doesn’t need prompting from execs to do it.

Bob Knight Roasted by Colleagues

The last time a roast involved ESPN personalities, Dana Jacobson wound up being suspended for dropping Jesus f-bombs. Good thing Bob Knight’s roast went a lot smoother, at least from what we can tell.

Knight was roasted on Saturday evening at The Venue. Apparently 2,500 people were in attendance for the roast which was done by people in-person and over video. Al Hamnik of NWI Times has some of the best lines of the night for us.

From Cardinals manager Tony La Russa: “We went from about 30 player ejections a year up to 70 using Bob’s technique.”

My two favorites came from former Michigan State head coach Jud Heathcote: “Bob and I would meet for a beer after the game — and then the bartender would ask him to leave so they could start happy hour. If I had a terminal illness and just two weeks to live, I would like to spend that two weeks with Bob because two weeks with Bob would seem like a lifetime.”

I’m sure there’s video of the event somewhere and I’m guessing it was pretty strong. The good thing about Knight is that he’s mellowed over the years. I mean who would have ever pictured him appearing in a Guitar Hero commercial 20 years ago?

Guitar Hero Commercial Video: Bob Knight Throws a Chair at Metallica

Guitar Hero has outdone itself once again. First they had the rockin commercial with Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk. And this time, as if the timing couldn’t be any better, they unveiled another star-studded commercial featuring figures from the sports world. I’m not sure it gets much better than Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, Rick Pitino, and Bob Knight collaborating on a Guitar Hero commercial. With Metallica, no less. And in case you missed it, here it is:

“Who are you calling pops?” Lol. I say one more commercial would be too many. This was quite a pleasant surprise, leave it at this. Very nicely done, once again, Guitar Hero.

Craig Ehlo: Cuban Will Pursue Bob Knight

So we’ve already established that the Mavericks fired coach Avery Johnson in the wake of their first round playoff exit. I always say you have to see what’s out there first before you move on, but perhaps this is best for both parties. Now the question for Dallas becomes who do they hire? There aren’t too many big names out there I can think of, and we all know my buddy LB already took a gig with Charlotte. So where does that leave Dallas? Craig Ehlo joined Arnie Spanier on Sporting News Radio Wednesday and offered this possibility:

I think Mark Cuban will actually go after Bobby Knight. You know he just lives in Lubbock, Texas only 375 miles west of there. Cuban is an Indiana grad and I wouldn’t put it past him to offer something to Bobby Knight if Bobby Knight would be willing.

Let’s see, Cuban could offer something, but I don’t see any chance that Bob Knight takes it. He’s already gone on a limb by taking a job with ESPN, is there really a chance he tries out the pro game? I don’t think Knight wants any part of the professional ballplayer. Bob Knight not being able to pick and choose who is on his team via recruiting? Not a good mix. Not going to happen, though the thought is awesome. And who knows, Cuban could try to make something happen here — he’s all about the splash, and hot damn, this would be a waterfall.

Your Chance to Golf with Bob Knight

So far I’ve had a few ideas of how LBS could scrape together some funds and put them to good use. At first it was to buy one of Michael Vick’s pitbulls and make it the official site mascot. Then it was to pool together some money to buy the naming rights to Candlestick Park. Now, I think we need to get together and send one of the readers off for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

As part of his yearly fundraiser for cancer research, Lakewood Ranch resident Dick Vitale is offering the opportunity for a round of golf with Bob Knight and John Havlicek on May 16 at the Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club.

Bids for two threesomes will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. Saturday for nine holes with each basketball legend.

Bids start at $10,000 and include 18 holes of golf in the morning, a pre-gala party and the third annual Dick Vitale Gala for Cancer Research that evening at the Ritz-Carlton in Sarasota.

In this case, Havlicek would be the name in the small print at the bottom of the marquee. He’s just like a side dish. Anyway, I don’t know about you guys, but I think 10 g’s is more than doable. And if we do come through on this, I want the real Bob Knight in the threesome. None of this Mr. TV Niceguy stuff. If we’re paying top dollar for Bob Knight, I want the whole f-bomb dropping, fellow-man berating, chair-throwing, sweater-wearing Knight. Anything less would be absolutely unacceptable.

Bob Knight: ‘Big East Without Any Question Best Conference’

Bob Knight should not be upset I’m picking on him. Rather, he should be proud his word means enough for me to give them attention. OK, now that we have this out of the way, I cannot believe he definitively calls the Big East the best conference in the country. He was a guest on Sporting News Radio Tuesday, and got off this comment:

Leagues go from year-to-year. Like this year, without any question, the Big East has the best conference — the toughest teams, the most really good teams, are in the Big East. And I saw that watching the Big East tournament this past week — that’s why I picked Pittsburgh as a real likely contender in this tournament. I’m anxious to see if they can play as hard and as well defensively in this tournament as they did in the last tournament they were in.

To clarify for you Bob, in case you’re already backing off your prediction Sunday, you didn’t pick Pitt as a real likely contender in the tournament — you picked them to win the whole thing. Hedging on the pick much? Anyway, I was fairly confident, in one of those about to finish your sentence type of moments, that Knight was about to give the Pac-10 some serious props. Because after all, that was recognized by most experts as the top conference in the sport this year. I can respect a differing opinion, such as that of Knight, but how can he so definitively declare the Big East the best without any question? At best, it would be slightly better than the Pac-10, with some questions. But there’s no way it’s the best without any question. Right, because South Florida and Rutgers were such powerhouses this year. What you have to say about them, Bobby boy?

Bob Knight Will Be Missed

I’m not a Bob Knight supporter, nor am I a Bob Knight enabler. But I can fairly say that Bob Knight will definitely be missed. He had many negative moments while coaching college basketball, both with his players and with the press. But Bob Knight also represented a lot of good about college basketball. He had no recruiting violations on his record, and his players were student-athletes, not merely athletes. I won’t pat him on the back, but I do recognize how amazing his career was. 900 wins is absurd. A 32-0 season is perfection. He wore out his welcome at Indiana and quite simply was a jerkoff, but at least he had values. And most importantly, he had integrity and he cared about the integrity of the game.

It’s not often that the sports world loses a polarizing figure like Knight. He’s one of the few characters that makes you stop what you’re doing when you see him on TV. He’s one of the few guys that makes you hit the unmute button. He’s one of the few guys that captured our attention. He had that Mike Tyson quality; he was always capable of creating a must-see trainwreck, but it all started with a reputation built by amazing achievements on the field of competition. And I’ll say this much for Knight: if nothing else, he gave us some of the best soundbites of all time. I can’t help but chuckle every time I’m at the gym and one of his rants pops up into my headphones. And this would be my absolute favorite (language NSFW, duhhh):