Boca Juniors Player Shoves Ref, Begins Crying After Temper Tantrum (Video)

Boca Juniors played Atletico-MG to a 1-1 draw at the U-17 Future Champions Tournament Wednesday, allowing Atletico to advance to the semis. The game was marred by bad behavior from the Argentine squad. One dude named Facundo shoved a ref and then began crying after throwing a temper tantrum. His team ended up receiving two red cards towards the end of the game, and I really haven’t seen anything like this. It’s almost like he broke out in tears because things weren’t going his way. Seriously, who pushes a ref and throws a fit on the field? What kind of childish nonsense is that? One of the guys was so embarrassed he tried to block the TV cameras from seeing everything. Here’s the video:

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