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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Brian Billick

Jon Ryan slams Brian Billick for saying kickers aren’t football players

Longtime NFL head coach and current NFL Network analyst Brian Billick asserted that kickers are not football players on Sunday, and Seahawks punter Jon Ryan had something to say about it. NFL Network’s Twitter account shared Billick’s remark, which was not at all complimentary of kickers. "Yes kickers are people too, but they're not football…Read More

Brian Billick Cites Professionalism in Conflict of Interest Scenarios

Last week, Mike Florio raised an interesting point at Pro Football Talk saying that there was a conflict of interest with Brian Billick providing commentary on the Saints/Falcons game. The conflict of interest is that Billick’s brother-in-law is Falcons head coach Mike Smith. Billick could plausibly share information he gains through his broadcasting access with…Read More

Brian Billick: Jerry Jones Should Coach Dallas Cowboys

Former Ravens head coach and current NFL analyst Brian Billick had an interesting idea for Dallas Cowboys owner and GM, Jerry Jones. Serving as a guest on FOX Sports Radio, Billick was asked which NFL head coaching job is the best. Billick responded by saying it depends on the ownership, stressing that the owner has…Read More

Brian Billick Has a Potty Mouth

Here’s the thing: when you work in sports talk radio, you get used to watching out for cuss words on the air. Wouldn’t want to have a complaint go to the FCC, cost your station its broadcasting license, and get fired in the process. Therefore, you’re always looking out for s-bombs, f-bombs, and anything else…Read More

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