Alabama teabagger Brian Downing gets two years in prison

Brian Downing, the Alabama fan who pleaded guilty to teabagging a passed out LSU fan following the BCS National Championship Game earlier this year, was sentenced to two years in prison, NOLA.com reported on Thursday.

We mentioned last month that Downing had entered a guilty plea to lesser charges and that he was facing two years in prison, but it’s still pretty shocking to see that sentence. The guy did something lewd and crude, but who would figure that a nasty college prank that didn’t physically endanger another person would result in a two-year prison sentence?

NOLA.com has a poll on its site asking readers to vote whether or not they felt justice was served. As of this writing, 2,613 votes had been cast. 51.5% felt justice was served, 36.6% said no, and about 11% felt undecided or “other.”

I understand this was an embarrassing experience for the victim, and that what Downing did was pretty gross, and done in public, which is pretty nasty, but two years just seems quite excessive to me. I guess when you’re facing 10 years in prison and being forced to register as a sex offender, this is a better alternative. His lawyer says he could be out in nine months, which seems much more reasonable.

Alabama teabagger Brian Downing pleads guilty, could face two years in prison

Back in January, an Alabama fan turned himself in after he was caught on camera placing his genitals on an LSU fan who was passed out in a restaurant. The teabagger, Brian Downing, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to two counts of obscenity for sexually taunting the victim and reached a deal that calls for him to be sentenced to two years in prison. Sentencing has been set for Nov. 29.

According to an Associated Press report, the unidentified LSU fan is also suing Downing seeking damages for “mental anguish, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety and depression and damage to reputation.” He is also asking for lost tuition payments after claiming he had to withdraw from school following the incident. Downing’s attorney said that his client has lost his job and his family is suffering financially.

We’re not going to get all life-lessony on you here, but I can guarantee you Downing never imagined a prank like that would have him facing two years in prison. There’s no excuse for doing something like this to begin with, let alone in an era where cell phone cameras are constantly recording. Now he has to pay a hefty price.

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Alabama Teabagging Victim ‘Sam’ Says His Girlfriend Won’t Even Talk to Him

The LSU football fan who passed out at a Krystal restaurant in New Orleans and was teabagged by an Alabama fan says he’s dealing with tremendous embarrassment.

In a video posted on Sunday, the fan in question is seen passed out at the restaurant. Several Alabama fans begin taunting him, and some place their genitals on his body and in his face.

A man named “Sam” claiming to be the victim called into the Paul Finebaum radio show Thursday to talk about the incident.

“I didn’t even know it happened to me at the time. I was pretty out of it,” Sam said. “I was drinking a lot. I didn’t have tickets to the game, so we watched it on Bourbon Street at a bar.

“Just the way the game was going, I continued to drink more and more — mostly Jack Daniels. I remember the end of the game, and I remember my girlfriend wanting to go to Krystal. She won’t even talk to me now.

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