Mets Almost Hired Brian McNamee

Talk about close calls you’re happy you didn’t have a do-over for. Come to find out that Mets manager Willie Randolph and hitting coach Rick Down both wanted the Mets to bring in the now infamous Brian McNamee. The two knew McNamee from their days with the Yanks and were about to bring the dude in as a batting practice pitcher. Yeah, crazy right? That pencil neck is nothing but a drug dealing trainer — why would they want him as a batting practice pitcher? Easy answer — Lo Duca was pushing for it. But that was the exact problem — McNamee had no direct qualifications to be a batting practice pitcher, something Omar Minaya recognized.

Omar apparently looked into Mac’s background and decided not to bring the dude in. He was most likely scared away by the accusations of McNamee slipping some chick in Tampa a date rape, drug David Boston style. Besides that, Omar said he wasn’t interested in bringing someone who’s experience comes from working with individuals (a la Clemens and Pettitte) to a team environment. That’s probably the PC answer. Down says he had no idea about McNamee’s steroid ties. Sure thing buddy. We all know you were just trying to help Delgado revive his career.

Roger Clemens’ Attorney Now Hedging, Maybe He Was at Canseco’s Party

Ahah! Maybe a serious breakthrough in the Roger Clemens/Brian McNamee he-said/she-said ordeal. Friday it came out in the NY Daily News that some kid had photo evidence that Roger Clemens was indeed at a Jose Canseco party in 1998. That would be significant because McNamee testified that Clemens first became interested in steroids in 1998 when he talked with Canseco about ‘em at a party. Additionally, Clemens swore under oath that he was not at the Jose Canseco party. Now the latest report from the NY Daily News is that Clemens’ attorney Rusty Hardin is hedging on his original stance because of the photo. Hardin’s backtracking represents a major turning point in the case.

If you remember a few weeks ago, I pointed out that Rusty Hardin said in a news conference that this was the “second coming of the Duke Lacrosse case,” and that many of us who said Roger was a user would have to eat our words. That was the first time I was worried about jumping to the conclusion that Clemens was lying. Hardin was so forceful and persuasive in his speech that I really had no choice but to reconsider my stance. Well now after reading Hardin say “Roger was playing golf at the time of the party, and has stated that he may have stopped by the Canseco house after playing golf before heading to the ballpark for the game,” I have no choice but to think these guys are full of it. How could Clemens say he wasn’t at that party, but Hardin is now reading statements saying “hey, there’s always the possibility the guy was there.” What the heck is that? Either Roger is lying to his legal staff, or the legal staff knew Roger was lying the whole time. Point McNamee.

Andy Pettitte Knew from McNamee That Clemens Was Using Steroids

It wasn’t referred to at all in the affidavit. Nor was it mentioned in written or spoken reports throughout the coverage of this McNamee/Clemens mess. But like I told you before, I braved through Pettitte’s entire deposition so you don’t have to (because after all, I’m really looking out for you). And upon reading through the deposition, I came to find out for the first time that in addition to knowing Clemens used HGH, Andy Pettitte also knew that Roger Clemens allegedly used steroids. From the deposition:

Q: I’ll ask it again. Did you ever discuss Clemens’ steroids use with Brian McNamee?

A: Yes. … We were training in my gym. And I can just remember, you know, Mac telling me that Roger, you know, that he had gotten steroids for Roger.

Now I can understand why this was left out of the affidavit — this only is Pettitte finding out through a secondary source — McNamee. So once again this puts it into McNamee’s word and credibility. But still, I can’t believe that out of all the reports and investigating going on, that nobody has mentioned that Pettitte knew of Clemens’ alleged steroids use, in addition to his alleged HGH use. It really should have been in the affidavit that McNamee told Pettitte of Clemens’ alleged steroids use as well, now that I think about it. So there you go, as you’re probably hearing for the first time right here, Pettitte also knew of Roger’s alleged steroids use.

Perjury at Stake: Either Roger Clemens or Brian McNamee Is Lying

So far both men have met with members of Congress and offered depositions. McNamee has said that Clemens used performance enhancing drugs — steroids and HGH. That came out in the Mitchell Report, and since that time, McNamee has supposedly furnished paraphernelia proving Clemens did the roids and growth hormone. That’s some complex ish, especially considering it comes the day after Clemens met with the Congressional committee and insisted he never did anything. Clearly both of them can’t be right at the same time since their statements contradict each other.

In case you haven’t put it together yet, and believe me, it takes a while to completely grasp the whole thing, one of these dudes is lying — horribly. Either Roger Clemens, or Brian McNamee, is completely full of horse crap. No messing around. These dudes are asking for perjury charges. One of them has knowingly lied to federal authorities. Considering how much info McNamee has on all these other players, I’m taking his word. That means Roger Clemens has formed all these responses vehemently denying his use of performance-enhancers and lied the whole time. At first you could have thought it was an act, like when he did videos on his own site or went on 60 Minutes. But oh no, it’s no longer an act. This is all for real, all too real.

So maybe Clemens figured there’s no way someone could prove he DID use steroids and HGH, that it would be a he said/she said situation. Maybe he figured he could hang his hat on that. Pretty brazen. Or stupid, if you ask me. Or maybe McNamee has been pressured by the government all along to say Clemens did it so that the Mitchell Report had some clout. And as far as the paraphernalia goes, I don’t buy that McNamee has steroids/HGH needles from 5-10 years ago with Clemens’ DNA on it. That’s maddening. But I do know that we’re at the point where either one of these two dudes has lied to congress and one of them is screwed. Proper screwed.

Oh, and by the way, how OLD and terrible did Clemens look in his congressional appearance Tuesday? Dude looked like David Wells.

Roger Clemens Won’t Call Steroids and HGH Users Cheaters

One part of Roger Clemens’ press conference today that stood out to me was when a reporter asked Clemens if he considered HGH and steroids users cheaters. Clemens did not directly answer the question — like he was scared to call himself a cheater. He was put on the spot and danced around the issue. He went into some rehearsed spiel about his thoughts on HGH and steroids that they are a “quick fix” that harm bodies and only used to make people “look good in a three-piece suit in a lobby.” He also said he didn’t think they helped players run faster, hit the ball harder, etc. — which seems like a defense of performance-enhancers if you ask me. The reporter had to follow-up to re-focus Roger and ask once again if he considered it cheating. Clemens still didn’t answer the question as to whether or not he considered HGH and steroid users cheaters, which they clearly are. All he said was that he was not going to pass judgment on other people.

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