Brian Wilson has black and red nail polish on his fingers (Picture)

San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson is out for the season after having Tommy John surgery in April, but that doesn’t mean the Giants are free from his eccentric clubhouse ways.

Wilson was shown on TBS during Game 2 of the NLDS between the Giants and Reds and he was seen wearing red nail polish with black stripes down his fingernails. Wilson also seems to have added some tattoos to his left arm, giving him more of a sleeve look.

The Brian Wilson story doesn’t end there. He was photographed riding a motorized scooter nearby the Broadway Tunnel in San Francisco on Sunday, looking zany as ever in his tank top, pajama pants, and captain’s hat:

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Brian Wilson got a calf tattoo of Johnny Cash flipping the bird

Brian Wilson fancies himself a badass. And what do badasses do? They get badass tattoos of badass icons in badass poses.

Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area says Wilson got a new calf tattoo over the winter of singer Johnny Cash flipping the bird. The infamous photo was taken by photographer Jim Marshall during a sound check at Folsom Prison. It’s commonly found on posters and T-shirts, and now Wilson’s calf.

Baggarly didn’t share a picture of the tattoo, but he did say it was designed with “remarkable detail.” I just hope the gnome is updated to include Wilson’s new ink.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Virgin America puts Brian Wilson beard on its Giants plane (Picture)

The Giants began a partnership with Virgin America last year, so what better way to kick things off with a team plane that features a Brian Wilson beard at the nose? In addition to decking out an Airbus A320 jet with Giants logos, the club level at AT&T Park is named after Virgin America, and a high-end bar named “The Virgin America Flight Deck” was created in the 200 level. NBC Bay Area adds that Virgin America will have a channel dedicated to the Giants on their flights. Yeah, now I know exactly what airline to avoid when I move my butt off the couch.

H/T Sawley Vickrey’s The Daily Rival
Picture via Virgin America

Here’s the Brian Wilson Gnome the Giants Are Giving Away May 20th (Picture)

Yes, the Giants are following the lead of the Hagerstown Suns and plan to give away 20,000 of these Brian Wilson garden gnomes May 20th. Garden gnomes are nothing new in terms of baseball giveaways, but not too many are fully bearded with sunglasses like this one. Our friend Mona shared a picture of the gnome on Facebook and she plans on getting one as long as she can. I imagine tickets for that game will be in demand.

Brian Wilson Wears LSU Gear on GameDay (Video, Pictures)

Giants closer Brian Wilson was a surprise addition to the GameDay show Saturday in Tuscaloosa. The former LSU player was on the show to support his alma mater. He dressed in full football gear — pads and helmet included — and he had a sweet set of customized gloves. He also stole Lee Corso’s bit and put on the LSU mascot head while picking his Tigers to beat Alabama. Here’s another picture and video from his appearance on GameDay:

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Bud Norris: Does Brian Wilson Play Baseball or Work in Hollywood?

The nation’s obsession with Brian Wilson is something I will never understand. He’s funny, he’s weird, and he’s quirky, but people act like he’s the first dude in sports to ever wear a beard. It’s simply not true. I have hard evidence saying that he’s the second. Anyway, he stars in a Taco Bell ad that has been playing quite a bit lately. See below:

I don’t really understand the ad, and apparently I’m not the only one who’s unimpressed. Astros pitcher Bud Norris sent the following tweet from his account Monday:

We agree, Bud.

Brian Wilson Bought Two Pairs of Back to the Future Shoes

Brian Wilson would buy two pairs of the Back to the Future shoes. Those shoes are pretty sick and definitely the sort of luxury item I’d purchase if I had the means. And if you do have the means, why buy one pair when you can buy two?

The shoes, which were recently released by Nike and auctioned on eBay, sold for thousands of dollars. Wilson’s shoes were delivered by a Nike rep before Friday’s game so the eccentric closer decided to show them off. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that the pairs cost him between five and 10 thousand dollars each. Chump change. And totally worth every penny.

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Picture Credit: Giants on Twitter