Stripper calls out Bruce Chen and Yordano Ventura for being cheap

Yordano VenturaThe Kansas City Royals are opening up a series against the Minnesota Twins on Monday, and apparently a couple of their players decided to check out some of the local scenery when they flew into the Twin Cities on Sunday. From what we gather, pitchers Bruce Chen and Yordano Ventura dropped by a strip club. How much did that cost them?

If you believe a stripper that goes by the Twitter handle @feminstripper, the veteran Chen and his 23-year-old teammate didn’t spend much. Isabel Kennedy, who describes herself as a writer, artmaker and ass clapper, ripped Chen and Ventura in a series of tweets.

Did it ever occur to Miss Kennedy that perhaps Mr. Chen and Mr. Ventura simply didn’t enjoy the service? There are two sides to every story.

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Humberto Quintero makes slanted eyes gesture behind Bruce Chen (Picture)

When Royals catcher Humberto Quintero came up behind Bruce Chen while Chen was being interviewed in the middle of Saturday’s game against the Pirates, he only intended to give him a hard time. It’s probably safe to assume there was no racist intent behind the slanted eyes gensture that Quintero made, but professional athletes have to be smarter than that. It happened during the bottom of the fourth on a Fox broadcast and Chen, who is of Chinese descent, said after the game that it didn’t bother him at all.

“I’m not offended at all,” Chen said according to the Kansas City Star. “I’m proud of my heritage and being Asian. I really like the way my eyes look. It makes me look sexy. It’s just joking around. I’m definitely not offended, and I hope other people don’t get offended. I don’t think, by any means, was he trying to put my race down. He was doing it to me, and I like the way my eyes look.”

Teammates razz each other like this all the time, so I wouldn’t expect Chen to be offended. That being said, that’s not exactly the smartest gesture Quintero could have made on a TV broadcast. It’s better for everyone if that stuff stays behind the closed doors of the locker room.

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Mark Teixeira Pwns Bruce Chen

I’ve seen cases where batters have had good records against pitchers before but I don’t ever remember seeing anything quite like what Mark Teixeira has done against Bruce Chen. Strange combination, right? I know, but the numbers speak for themselves. Prior to Thursday’s Yankees/Royals game, Mark Teixeira was 7-for-11 against Chen. Six of his seven hits were home runs and the seventh was a double. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a ridiculous 3.030 OPS. You can’t even do that on a video game.

Teixeira was back in usual form against Chen on Thursday in the Bronx, mashing an RBI double and a single in his first two ABs vs. the lefty. He did strike out in his third at-bat of the game before Chen was lifted. Teixeira ended up 3-for-5 with two runs scored and an RBI. In 14 career at-bats against Chen, Tex is now 9-for-14 with six home runs and two doubles. That’s good for a healthy .643/2.143/2.810 line. That is pure pwnage unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Mark Teixeira’s splits [Baseball-Reference]