Bucky Dent: Yankees-Red Sox Games Go Too Long, Supports Instant Replay

LBS spoke with former Yankees All-Star shortstop Bucky Dent Monday. We talked with the 1978 World Series MVP about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, his infamous home run to beat the Sox, and if he has any desire to get back into coaching. We also discussed some of the issues in Major League Baseball including instant replay and playoff expansion.

Dent spoke with us after he participated in an autograph session for the SUBWAY® Baseball DeSIGNS tour, a unique traveling national tour of more than 40 baseballs designed by kids and autographed by celebrities. You can see some of the autographed balls at Subwaykids.com. The balls will be auctioned off from August 19th-28th with proceeds going to help Little League baseball.

Our interview follows.

LBS: Were you surprised that the Red Sox got to Mariano Rivera Sunday night?

Dent: I’ve seen a stat where Boston’s been one of the teams that’s given him the most trouble. Anything can happen in Boston — they have a good team, they have a good offensive team. Mo’s been a tremendous closer — a Hall of Fame guy — sometimes that happens. Sometimes you have a team that you just struggle with and it seems like Boston’s the one that gives him the most trouble.

LBS: The Red Sox used to be a team that never could get over the hump. Is it surprising to see them as a team that can win big games?

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