CJ Wilson seemed upset about having to walk Robinson Cano

CJ-Wilson-AngelsLos Angeles Angels pitcher CJ Wilson was asked to do something a bit unusual during his team’s 8-3 loss against the Seattle Mariners on Tuesday night — walk a left-handed hitter. Wilson, a lefthander, was instructed to walk Robinson Cano with runners on second and third and two outs in the third inning.

Mike Scioscia had Wilson walk Cano to get to first baseman Justin Smoak, who is a switch-hitter. Cano entered last night’s game 11 for 30 (.367) against Wilson in his career. Smoak is just 6 for 29 (.207) against Wilson and has hit .233 in his career from the right side. Of course, numbers don’t always tell the full story.

Smoak ripped a double to left-center field and gave Seattle a 4-0 lead. The Mariners never looked back. A reporter asked Wilson after the game if he found it strange that he was told to walk a lefthanded hitter to get to a switch-hitter.

“Yes,” he said, via Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times. “No more questions on that one.”

Wilson later admitted that he threw a lousy pitch to Smoak, but it was obvious he was upset with the decision to walk Cano. Scioscia defended the decision by saying he was trying to take the bat away from Cano as much as possible.

“Right now, if you look at their lineup, Cano is a guy you want to try to minimize as much as you can,” the Angels manager said. “Smoak, give him credit, he got some big hits [Monday] night, some big hits [Tuesday] night, and if that continues, Cano will get some pitches to hit. But right now, you want to make Smoak swing the bat instead of Cano.”

I agree. The numbers favored the decision. Despite it being a lefty-lefty matchup, Cano obviously has not had much trouble hitting Wilson in his career. Give me a choice and I’ll pitch to Smoak over Cano 10 times out of 10.

Windshield of C.J. Wilson’s car smashed by batting practice home run


Last year at Los Angeles Angels spring training, the team’s director of communications had the windshield of his car smashed by a batted ball.

On Saturday, we found out C.J. Wilson joined the unenviable club. The starting pitcher, who is getting ready for his third season with the team, posted the above picture to his Instagram account with the following caption.

“Haha! First time in 13 spring trainings that my car got hit with a baseball. @zoomzoomnation CX5 loses windshield to lefty foul ball BP homer. May the odds ever be in your favor! #mazda #springtraining14 @angels #BPHomers #trygoingdeeptocenter”

Parking at spring training can be hazardous, particularly if you’re a member of the Angels organization.

In addition to his CX-5, C.J. Wilson, a noted car enthusiast, also owns a Mazda dealership in Illinois and racing team.

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CJ Wilson accuses Texas Rangers of giving him bad baseballs

CJ-Wilson-AngelsThe Los Angeles Angels continued their rough season on Friday night by assuring themselves a losing record with a loss to the Texas Rangers. CJ Wilson pitched fairly well for LA, but he got himself into trouble in the third inning by throwing two wild pitches, issuing a walk and hitting a batter. After the game, the left-hander blamed the baseballs.

Wilson suggested that he got a batch of baseballs in the third inning that were not properly rubbed down.

“One out of every four was rubbed, and three of every four was basically brand new,” he said, via the Forth Worth Star-Telegram. “The balls were kind of squirting around. A couple balls got away. If you’re a lefty and you hit a lefty with a slider, that’s obviously not what you are trying to do right there.

“I don’t know. All I know is that every couple balls, ‘Oh this is a good one.’ I’d have a little grip and they’d foul one off and the next one came out and it was like no, no, no. We changed more balls than we would normally change. I told the clubbie, ‘Dude these balls are getting really bad. Someone might get hit in the teeth.’ My ball moves a lot already. When the ball is slippery it’s even worse.”

If Wilson got a batch of balls that were not properly rubbed down, you would assume it was a mistake. He didn’t seem to think so.

“Are you going to call it a coincidence?” he asked. “It’s not a coincidence. Let’s be honest.”

Angels manager Mike Scioscia agreed that Wilson was given a few balls that were brand new, though he stopped short of accusing the Rangers of doing it intentionally.

“We had a couple of baseballs that still were taken right out of the box, still had packing dust on them,” Scioscia said. “They weren’t rubbed up at all. So, C.J. just had to do a little more work on them to get them prepared. He didn’t say the grip was any issue, but we had a number of balls that came back that they may have taken the paper off and put them in the box.”

Wilson’s assertion that it was not a coincidence and that Texas allegedly gave him bad balls is a fairly serious accusation. The Rangers are currently fighting for a wild card spot, and that would be cheating. They could always claim it was a mistake, so there’s really no way to punish them for it. That doesn’t make it any less interesting.

CJ Wilson totally snipered (Video, GIF)

Los Angeles Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson tripped on his way out to the mound at Tropicana Field on Tuesday. Wilson was headed out to pitch the second inning when he ate it just inside the third base line. Despite the embarrassing moment, Wilson played it off well and even ducked for the sniper, who was sitting somewhere up in the stands.

Full video below:

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CJ Wilson: Alex Rodriguez situation is ‘hilarious’ to Los Angeles Angels players

cj-wilsonMajor League Baseball suspended 13 players on Monday because of their connection to performance-enhancing drug use, and the names were highlighted by Alex Rodriguez and Nelson Cruz. As you might expect, the players who have chosen to play the game the right way were bothered to learn that some of their toughest opponents have been cheating. Los Angeles Angels pitcher CJ Wilson seems very annoyed.

In particular, Wilson feels that Rodriguez’s situation has turned into a joke. The left-hander believes A-Rod’s story will eventually become an ESPN “30 For 30″ special when the details are sorted out.

“It’s a saga; always has been for him,” Wilson told MLB.com when asked about Rodriguez. “He’s been in the spotlight for 20 years. Nothing is gonna change that. He has one of those polarizing personalities that people are going to be drawn to. People will think he’s a villain no matter what he does.

“Good for the game that they’re finally getting him on something. All these press conferences, Good Morning America, 20-20, enough of that — let’s just play some baseball and stop trying to be a role model. All those quotes are hilarious for everybody in our clubhouse.”

Despite the overwhelming evidence MLB claims it has against A-Rod, he recently told Sports Illustrated that he wants to be a role model and continue to make his daughters proud. That will be difficult to do if he loses his appeal of a 211-game suspension.

Wilson also took aim at the rest of the PED users and called attention to the fact that their decisions have affected the outcome of games.

“It’s affected our team,” he said. “We’ve played against these guys. They’ve all hit home runs against us, struck us out, and we’re not happy about that. We were hoping [the suspensions] would happen sooner rather than later to give us a chance to play against the clean guys.”

As a former MLB pitcher reminded us on Monday, some players even feel that the cheating of opponents and teammates has signaled the end of their career. Wilson certainly isn’t the only one who is angry.

CJ Wilson and model Lisalla Montenegro are engaged

CJ-Wilson-Lisalla-MontenegroCJ Wilson is off to a solid start to the 2013 season, and we aren’t just talking about his performance with the Los Angeles Angels. In addition to being 3-1 with a 3.86 ERA, Wilson has also decided to take the next step with his incredibly hot girlfriend, Lisalla Montenegro.

Our man Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks — who broke the story that Wilson and Montenegro were dating last July — called our attention to a tweet that Montenegro sent out on Wednesday showing off her new engagement ring.

That thing looks like it probably cost a pretty penny, as it should with Wilson having signed a five-year, $77.5 million contract with the Angels last year and all. Montenegro may not be the most famous WAG on our extensive list, but Wilson has certainly done well for himself. Here’s hoping they enjoy a long and healthy marriage.


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C.J. Wilson is dating model Lisalla Montenegro (Pictures)

The past couple of years have been pretty good to C.J. Wilson. Losing back-to-back World Series had to be painful, but inking a five-year deal with the Angels worth $77.5 million had to have helped ease the pain a bit this past offseason. So far, Wilson has earned his paycheck. He has a 9-5 record on the year to go along with an impressive 2.43 ERA that landed him on the AL All-Star roster. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also spotted with a gorgeous model at the All-Star red carpet event on Tuesday. This model, Lisalla Montenegro, is Wilson’s new girlfriend.

“Damn you, Jimmy, for digging this up,” Wilson told Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks. “She’s a great influence on me and we have a lot of stuff in common. We keep to ourselves. And the only thing I have to say about this picture is that it was very windy that day and my hair was too dry.”

Considering he was cruising along in the back of a Chevy with Montenegro proud by his side, there’s wasn’t really much to dig up. If that was my girlfriend, I wouldn’t be hiding it either. Heck, C.J. could even stick with his no TV routine and still be perfectly content.

If Wilson is looking to keep this thing private, he has gotten some help this week from Tigers ace Justin Verlander. If Verlander is actually dating who we think he’s dating, that’s the relationship everybody wants to talk about.

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