C.J. Wilson thinks Josh Hamilton might break Barry Bonds’ home run record

Josh Hamilton has hit nine home runs this week, including one on Saturday off ex-teammate and current Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson. Wilson went five and two-thirds allowing just two runs against his former team, which also boasts the best offense in baseball. He tweeted after the game that he thinks Josh Hamilton might break Barry Bonds’ single-season home run record.

Wilson is in a good position to make such an assessment for two reasons. One, he spent the last few seasons with the Rangers, so he knows how good the lineup is. Two, he was Hamilton’s teammate the last four years and knows what he’s capable of.

The truth is Wilson is right.

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Mike Napoli is very unhappy over C.J Wilson tweeting his phone number

Over the weekend, C.J. Wilson decided it was a good idea to play a prank on former teammate Mike Napoli. The prank was a cruel one. Wilson took to his Twitter account and pretended he was tweeting out his phone number and asking people to give him a call, but the number was really Napoli’s. As expected, Napoli’s phone was flooded with calls and voice mails, and was likely forced to change his number.

Since the two are former battery mates, most of us assumed Napoli would laugh it off and vow to get Wilson back. That does not seem to be the case, as Napoli sounds pretty furious about the whole thing.

“I don’t even know why he did it,” Napoli said according to the Star Telegram. “You don’t do that. I am not taking it as a prank. You know, I haven’t even talked to him since the end of last season. We don’t have that type of relationship.”

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C.J. Wilson pranks Mike Napoli by tweeting his cell phone number

C.J. Wilson must have been feeling pretty saucy on Saturday, because he decided to prank his former catcher Mike Napoli. Wilson sent a tweet with his supposed new phone number, telling Napoli to call him.

Wilson knew most people would figure the phone number was sent by accident — a message intended to be private — and that they would probably call thinking it was Wilson’s number. That’s the best part about the prank — the number was Mike Napoli’s, and the 714 area code was from Mike’s Anaheim day’s. Calling the number took you straight to voicemail where Napoli’s voice was on the answering message and you were told his mailbox was full. The prank clearly worked.

Wilson later deleted the tweet and sort of apologized, saying “Okay I think we’ve all had a good time, I’m even with mike for saying he can’t wait to hit homers off me.”

Hey, no biggie, Napoli can always change his number. That’s probably what Mike Trout had to do last spring.

UPDATE: Napoli is pissed at Wilson over the prank.

Angels would not confirm to C.J. Wilson that they were pursuing Albert Pujols

Signing a player to a $250 million contract is not something that just comes together overnight. Very few of us thought of Los Angeles as a potential landing spot for Albert Pujols this past offseason, but the Angels had to have been planning it all along. Considering we are living in an era where Twitter and other forms of social media prevent anyone from keeping a secret, the Angels did a tremendous job of keeping their intentions under wraps. In fact, they even kept C.J. Wilson in the dark about it when they were courting the left-hander.

“I personally found out about the Albert Pujols thing via twitter,” Wilson said during an interview with ESPN Los Angeles. “(Angels GM) Jerry Dipoto was sitting in my agent’s hotel suite and we were sitting their talking to him and he said look I don’t mean to be blunt, but if there is a paper that walks in here I am going to have to divert my attention to that because there is something else going on. I was like what the hell is this guy talking about right now? It is 3 in the morning. Either he has had too many beers or something. We were all kind of loopy at this point.

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C.J. Wilson hasn’t watched TV since November, not even the Super Bowl

C.J. Wilson isn’t your typical ballplayer (or person, for that matter). The new Angels pitcher talked about his personal life and many of his hobbies during an appearance on the Hot Clicks Podcast. One of Wilson’s stunning revelations is that he hasn’t watched TV since November.

“I remember I sat down and watched TV at one point in November, and since then I haven’t watched any TV for any reason at all,” he told host Jimmy Traina.

Asked if he’s tuned into ESPN or MLB Network for sports news, Wilson said no because he already knows most of the baseball news, and in many senses, he is a big part of the news. Wilson says he likes television and regrets he hasn’t watched more Lakers games, though he’s planning to try and attend one of their games.

What was pretty shocking is that not even the Super Bowl got him to turn on the TV. Instead, he says he drove from LA to Orange County to throw, then he went to the gym, made a steak for lunch, did some laundry, and worked on some photos.

Wilson, who is an aspiring professional photographer, said his one indulgence since signing his six-year $77.5 million contract with the Angels was a $6,000 lens for his camera (the lens was used and regularly $12,000). C.J. had good insight on Josh Hamilton’s alcohol relapse and Rob Gronkowski partying. As for his TV admission, I’m impressed. I watch all day to do work on the site, but I know I wouldn’t last long without it even if it were just for pleasure.

The entire interview is worth a listen.

C.J. Wilson’s Agent Wouldn’t Let Jerry DiPoto Use Bathroom During Negotiations Until He Added $5 Million to Offer

Sam Miller of the OC Register has been providing plenty of excellent background for the Angels’ signings of Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson over the past week. If you’re an Angels fan or a fan of the business side of the game, it’s great reading to see how the deals came together. On Wednesday, Miller shared a great anecdote from the Wilson negotiations.

According to Miller, the Angels were only offering Wilson four years for $60 million. Wilson’s agent wanted another year and $80 million, and he believed the Marlins would offer six years for $100 million. The Angels explained that their finances were limited because they were pursuing another big-money player (which turned out to be Pujols).

Their offer to Wilson was five years for $75 million. But as previously stated, Wilson’s agent wanted $80 million. Now here’s the best part.

Quoting Miller, “They’re going back and forth, Dipoto asks if he can use the restroom, and Garber tells him “not until we get another $5 million.”

DiPoto, the new Angels’ GM, calls owner Arte Moreno and wakes him up, but he’s able to get an extra $2.5 million. Final offer? Five years for $77.5 million, which Wilson accepted.

It’s now moot, but another cool item from the negotiations is that the Marlins wanted Wilson so badly owner Jeffrey Loria even offered to sponsor Wilson’s car racing team. That’s serious dedication.

Rangers Sign Joe Nathan, Move Neftali Feliz to Rotation, Likely to Lose C.J. Wilson

The Rangers signed reliever Joe Nathan to a two-year $14.5 million deal and introduced him to the media and fans Tuesday. The deal may sound like a lot for a guy who struggled last season, but the Rangers are hoping he can be the All-Star level closer he was from 2004-2009 before getting hurt. The signing also has a ripple effect for the organization.

By adding Nathan, the Rangers can now shift young fireballer Neftali Feliz to the rotation. Feliz started 54 games out of his 80 minor league appearances. He has been a reliever the past two and a half years for Texas, and he was the AL Rookie of the Year and an All-Star last season.

Joe Nathan for $7 million a season is a much more cost-effective solution for Texas’ pitching staff than retaining C.J. Wilson. Wilson, who has been the staff ace the past two years, is a free agent and seeking a long-term deal that will pay him big money. He’s met with the Angels, and he’s scheduled to meet with the Marlins. If his price ends up around $70 million or more, he would likely be too pricey for the Rangers to retain.

Texas now has Feliz, Alexei Ogando, Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, and Colby Lewis in the rotation (with Scott Feldman as another option). GM Jon Daniels says they plan to stick with those pitchers in their rotation. If Feliz’s transition to the rotation goes as smoothly as Wilson’s did, Texas’ pitching should not suffer a dropoff.

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