Jeff Gordon cusses out Carl Edwards on his radio

Jeff Gordon was fuming with Carl Edwards during the AdvoCare 500 in Atlanta on Sunday after the two shared a couple of tight exchanges.

Gordon slid up the track and cut off Edwards for a spot on lap 20. Later in the race, on lap 201, the two rubbed against each other as they were battling for position. Edwards had the inside track when they made contact, which infuriated Gordon.

“Ask the f—ing 99 what his problem is. Somebody needs to explain to that dumb— who the f— does he think he is? That pisses me off right there,” Gordon said over his radio communication.

It’s pretty hypocritical of Gordon to be so upset with Edwards for retaliating after Gordon did the exact same thing to the 99 car earlier in the race.

Gordon finished sixth in the race, while Edwards finished 18th. It looks like they tried talking things out afterwards:

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Carl Edwards: Amanda Beard’s criticism came ‘out of left field’

Carl Edwards said he wasn’t expecting the unflattering comments about him in begrudged ex-girlfriend Amanda Beard‘s book, but he’s going to take them in stride.

Beard, an Olympic swimmer, dated Edwards from 2005 to 2006 and dedicated 16 blistering pages to her relationship with the NASCAR driver in her memoir released earlier this month, painting Edwards as a controlling and egotistical jerk of a boyfriend. Despite Beard’s harsh portrayal, Edwards said Friday he’s not going to hold anything against his ex.

“I’m not going to bash her or say bad things about her,” Edwards said at Texas Motor Speedway, according to ESPN. “She’s a mother, she’s a wife and someone I cared about.”

Edwards, who’s now married with two children, said he knew Beard was writing a book but didn’t expect to be thrown under the bus like he was.

“I don’t know where to start,” he said, “whether it’s the psychology of feelings about a relationship that doesn’t work out or the strategy to sell book. To be honest, it’s just weird. I don’t know how to address things that I don’t remember happening.

“I didn’t know what to think about it. It was pretty far out of left field for me. It really caught me off guard. It’s sad for me to read that and sad that Amanda was going though all that.”

Well, of course he didn’t know about Beard’s feelings. That was kind of her point.

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Amanda Beard slams former boyfriend Carl Edwards, NASCAR WAGs in book

Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards dated for a about a year from 2005-2006. Judging by her new book, “In the Water They Can’t See You Cry,” it sounds like the relationship was far from a healthy one. According to Beard, Edwards was controlling and selfish. From the sound of it, she also did not enjoy the NASCAR culture — particularly the interactions between drivers and their significant others.

Beard says it was Edwards’ self-centered attitude that led to their inevitable breakup in 2006.

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Carl Edwards wins bet with brother for saying ‘coxswain’ and ‘nipples’ in press conference (Video)

When asked a question this week about driving at Martinsville Speedway, Carl Edwards suspiciously dropped the words “coxswain” and “nipples” during a rambling answer that barely made any sense. It was such a weird response that you would think he’d be changing his name to Metta World Peace afterward. But Edwards came clean in the end, admitting that saying “coxswain” and “nipples” was part of a bet with his brother. For those whose vocabulary isn’t up to par, a coxswain is somebody who navigates or steers a boat, and nipples are something Ben Stiller can milk.

Anyway, Edwards won $10 and is officially the most immature driver in NASCAR.

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Racer’s Dad: ‘I’ll Get My Own Damn Uniform on and Take Care of This’

There has been an ongoing feud in NASCAR between drivers Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski.  Sometimes I think the WWE and NASCAR should consider a partnership, and these are the reasons why.  After thinking Keselowski bumped him on the final lap of last night’s Nationwide Series race, Edwards decided he wasn’t going to have the win “taken from him” and spun Keselowski out just before the finish line.  Edwards ended up with the victory and Keselowski’s car ended up being plowed into and dragged across the finish line for a 14th place finish.

Back in March, Edwards pulled a similar move that sent Keselowski’s car flying through the air at Atlanta.  The feud between the two has been an ongoing theme in the Nationwide series and occasionally the Sprint Cup, prompting NASCAR to place Edwards on probation and force a meeting with the two drivers during which they appeared to have made nice.  They clearly haven’t and Brad Keselowski’s father, a former truck series racer, isn’t pleased about it.  Check out the video of Bob Keselowski flipping out about Carl Edwards spinning out Brad Keselowski:

Definitely not as funny as Joey Logano calling Kevin Harvick whipped, but very entertaining.  See what I mean about the WWE?  I’ll put my uniform on and take care of this?  They’re driving cars.  It isn’t a boxing ring.  In any event, it’s this type of behavior that makes watching NASCAR highlights somewhat worthwhile, so I’ll take it.

Video Credit: YouTube user SlicedSmoke14

Carl Edwards Goes Airborne in Wreck on Last Lap at Talladega

How Carl Edwards walked away from this unharmed is beyond me. Let’s waste no time and go straight to the videotape:

If you told me he was at the controls of an aircraft I wouldn’t have been surprised. You see how freaking high he got? Dude had the takeoff of a jet. Edwards wasn’t even upset with Brad Keselowski after the race for the crash, saying he was more upset with NASCAR because they allow restrictor-plate racing at Talladega and because Keselowski had nowhere to go. And if you thought that wreck was bad, you haven’t even seen the half. Oh yeah, seven people were hurt by the flying debris, but nothing was serious.