‘Fatty mass with tentacles’ removed from Carlos Gonzalez’s finger during surgery

carlos-gonzalezColorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez has been dealing pain and inflammation in a finger on his left hand for some time, so the the team placed him on the 15-day disabled list last week.

On Tuesday, Gonzalez underwent surgery with a “foreign body” removed during the process.

As expected, more information regarding the procedure was released Wednesday.

Thanks to Rockies beat writer Thomas Harding (and trainer Keith Dugger), we now have a pretty accurate description of the mass removed from Carlos Gonzalez’s finger.

“These little benign tumors, which we hope it is, is probably the second most common finding in the finger besides cysts,” Dugger said via ESPN. “Usually repetitive trauma causes it.”

I’m far from an expert in the medical field, but I can see how something with tentacles could be the source of pain and swelling.

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Carlos Gonzalez Impresses Teammates with Prestigious Blast

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Carlos Gonzalez here at LBS. In 2008, we suggested the Dodgers try and ship Andruw Jones out to Oakland for him. Later that off-season, we said we liked Colorado’s trade of Matt Holliday because of the return they received from the A’s. And in our most recent edition of the Top 30 franchise players in baseball, CarGo cracked the list (see the whole thing here).

Gonzalez finally emerged and put together an MVP quality season last year for the Rockies and it earned him a major contract extension. Now, he’s still turning heads in Colorado’s spring training.

Troy Renck wrote in The Denver Post Monday about a line drive Gonzalez drilled Saturday against Kansas City that still has everyone on the team buzzing. According to Renck, Cargo “smoked a line drive that 15-year veteran Jason Giambi called ‘one of the hardest I have seen hit in a long, long time.'” Catcher Mike McKenry was in the bullpen when he saw the line drive and said “it never got more than 12 feet high. You just don’t see something like that.”

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Rockies, Carlos Gonzalez Finalizing 7-Year 80 Million Contract Extension

Two years after the Oakland A’s gave up on Carlos Gonzalez who underperformed as a 23-year-old, the youngster put together the type of season people had expected from him. In his second year with the Colorado Rockies, CarGo hit .336 with 34 home runs 117 RBIs and 111 runs scored while stealing 26 bases and OPSing .974. He finished third in MVP balloting in the NL and proved he was one of the premier players in baseball.

A month after signing shortstop Troy Tulowitzki to a new contract extension, the Rockies are doing the same with Gonzalez. Both Gonzalez’s Venezuelan publicist and The Denver Post’s Troy Renck say CarGo will travel to the U.S. to take a physical and sign a seven year $80 million extension.

The Rockies had wanted to sign Gonzalez to an extension in order to keep the team’s young, studly core together for years to come. They already have Tulowitzki under contract for the next decade and will have Gonzalez along with him. Next up for an extension will be pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez.

One has to wonder if the Rockies aren’t getting too aggressive with a player who’s only produced for one season. That could be the case, but Gonzalez appears to be a star, and if he keeps it up the Rockies would be getting a good deal based on arbitration rates and CarGo’s value as a free agent. At first reaction, I lean towards saying this is a great deal for Gonzalez and more of a risk for the Rockies. They clearly believe in him heavily to invest that type of money in a player who’s only put in one full season in the majors.

Dodgers Need to Trade Andruw Jones

***This is a special farce written by site contributor Alex Ubeda***

After being benched for three days in a row, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andruw Jones and his agent Scott Boras asked for a trade and the Dodgers responded. The Dodgers are sending Andruw Jones and his $36 million contract to the A’s for 22-year-old outfielder Carlos Gonzalez. (I WISH THIS WOULD HAPPEN)

Jones and his agent felt a fresh start would help the struggling former All-Star outfielder get his groove back. Boras said the fact that Oakland is a West Coast team was one of the main reason Jones agreed to waive his no-trade clause. Boras also liked the fact that Jones would be able to start and play center field on a daily basis. He also stated that the young players in the A’s organization would benefit from his arrival and could learn a few things from Jones.

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