Case McCoy seemed to think Alabama’s loss to Oklahoma was funny

AJ-McCarron-strip-sackThe Alabama haters were out in full force on Thursday night after Oklahoma put a beating on the defending national champions in the Sugar Bowl. The Sooners were the better team from start to finish. If you enjoy watching Nick Saban and company struggle, we strongly recommend checking out our complete hater’s schadenfreude recap of the game.

One fairly notable person who seemed to enjoy seeing the Crimson Tide embarrass themselves was Texas quarterback Case McCoy. After Oklahoma sealed up its 45-31 victory with a strip sack of AJ McCarron, McCoy tweeted the following.

Maybe the timing was a coincidence and he happened to be watching his favorite episode of “Family Guy,” but we doubt it. As you can see from the face she made when McCarron fumbled, Katherine Webb did not find the turnover funny.

In the end, Alabama turned the ball over five times. McCarron did not have his best game. As cliche as it sounds, Oklahoma looked like they simply wanted it more. Perhaps the disappointment of not playing for another national title was too much for the Tide to overcome.

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Oklahoma LB Eric Striker lights up Case McCoy (Video)

Eric-Striker-lights-up-Case-McCoyThe annual Red River Rivalry game between Oklahoma and Texas brought the usual hard-hitting, face-paced football we’re accustomed to seeing on Saturday. Texas quarterback Case McCoy got a taste of that in the first quarter when Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker lit him up.

McCoy, who is the brother of NFL quarterback Colt McCoy, essentially was forced to do a backflip when Striker came off the edge and hit him as he threw. Striker was flagged for roughing the passer on the play and cost his team 15 yards. Here’s another angle of the hit:


Aside from his hand making contact with McCoy’s helmet, I thought Striker laid a pretty clean stick. He didn’t launch himself or lead with his helmet, but rules are rules. McCoy should be pretty sore tomorrow from that one.

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Colt McCoy’s brother rips Browns after falling for fake trade report

Case McCoy, the brother of Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, ripped his brother’s team via Twitter on Friday in response to a fake trade rumor.

Case, who is a quarterback at the University of Texas, apparently had been duped by a fake ESPN Twitter account that said his brother had been traded to the Eagles. He sent the following tweet, which has since been deleted:

Brandon was a reference to quarterback Brandon Weeden, who was drafted by the team in the first round this year. Weeden is expected to replace McCoy as Cleveland’s starter.

It didn’t take long for Case McCoy to realize he made a mistake.

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