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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Cedric Benson

Cedric Benson arrested for public intoxication

Stop me if you have heard this before: Cedric Benson was arrested for an alcohol-related offense. Benson, who starred at Texas before enjoying a 7-year career in the NFL, was arrested Saturday night after arguing with a woman inside a taxi cab in Austin, according to a report. Austin police records say there was a…Read More

Cedric Benson Allegedly Bloodied Ex-Roommate Clavens Charles’ Face to a Pulp

Running back Cedric Benson was charged with beating up his ex-roommate, Clavens Charles, last weekend. We can’t confirm who’s responsible for the beat down, but we can confirm through this picture that Charles had his face rearranged: Benson’s attorney says the running back was provoked and that he’s being extorted. I don’t know about you,…Read More

Marvin Lewis: Benson Got Sucker-Punched

Marvin Lewis is aware of the reputation his team has built when it comes to legal trouble. As the Bengals’ head coach, it’s in his best interest to try to clear the air on some of the issues surrounding his players when he has an opportunity. According to ProFootballTalk, Lewis told the Cincinnati Enquirer that…Read More

Cedric Benson Arrested for Assault

When the Cincinnati Bengals acquired Cedric Benson two years ago, they knew they were taking a risk.  After showing some promise, he was released by the Chicago Bears following arrests for driving a boat while drunk and then drunk driving, both over a short time span.  The Bengals are certainly no strangers to hosting players…Read More

Cedric Benson Continues to Repair Image

I actually was beginning to feel sorry for Cedric Benson given the way he responded to the arrest for drunken boating not long ago. After hearing the comments his mother and some of the witnesses made, I was buying Benson’s side of the story. Even if you didn’t believe completely buy Benson’s side, there still…Read More

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