Aubrey Huff suffers knee injury celebrating Matt Cain’s perfect game

This seems to happen all the time in professional baseball, but we never tire of talking about it. Once again, an MLB player has managed to injure himself during a celebration. Wednesday night’s victim was Aubrey Huff, and he fell at the hands of Matt Cain’s perfect game.

According to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area’s Rael Enteen, Huff has an MRI scheduled for his knee and San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy has not ruled out a trip to the disabled list for his first baseman. As you can see from the animation above that SB Nation passed along, Huff took a tumble jumping over the dugout railing after the final out of the game.

With plays like this one over the course of the historic evening, it’s easy to understand why Huff was overflowing with excitement. Believe it or not — and I’m sure it’s easy to believe now given how many times this has happened — Huff’s injury is the second celebration injury in baseball this month. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mets reliever Ramon Hernandez injured his hamstring sprinting to the celebration pile after Johan Santana’s no hitter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: somebody get these guys a plastic bubble.

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Rafael Nadal gave himself a shiner with the French Open trophy (Video)

Good thing Rafael Nadal doesn’t play hockey. If he did and he won a Stanley Cup, I would hate to see what type of damage he could do with that massive piece of hardware. Nadal defeated world No. 1 Novak Djokovic on Monday to win the French Open for the seventh time in his career. He continued his dominance on clay surfaces but seemed a bit out of synch after the match when he was celebrating with the Coupe des Mousquetaires (the French Open trophy). Check out this video that Busted Racquet shared with us. Skip ahead to the 1:40 mark for the good stuff:

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Mets pitcher Ramon Ramirez injured celebrating Johan Santana’s no-hitter

It was a night of celebration at Citi Field after Johan Santana notched the Mets’ first-ever no-hitter on Friday. Santana’s teammates were so eager to congratulate him, one strained his hamstring sprinting in from the bullpen to join the celebration.

Yup, reliever Ramon Ramirez injured his hamstring and is headed to the disabled list.

“He was just running in. He hadn’t even gotten to the pile where they were jumping on [Santana],” manager Terry Collins said. “He was just so excited. He was running in, running hard and all of a sudden, his leg grabbed him. I’ve never seen that.”

What a bummer, huh? Even Brian McCann thinks that’s a weird way to get hurt. Surprisingly, athletes getting injured during celebrations is fairly common. Here is a full list of athletes who have been hurt during celebrations.

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Brian McCann poked in the eye during grand slam celebration (Video)

Players injuring themselves during celebrations is something that happens all too often. With baseball, these injuries tend to occur after a walk-off win. When 25 grown men are all waiting at home plate to beat the crap out of the guy who just delivered the game-winning hit, something bad like this is bound to happen. On Wednesday night, the Braves reminded us that injuries can happen during low-key celebrations as well when Brian McCann was poked in the eye after hitting a grand slam.

As you can see from the clip above, McCann and Michael Bourn completely whiffed on a high five and Bourn’s finger ended up right in McCann’s grill piece. While he will likely be fine, it is interesting to note that the Braves catcher has had eye issues throughout his career. He had laser eye surgery back in 2007 but his vision remained blurry, so he eventually went with glasses. He then had a second Lasik surgery in 2010 that restored his vision. Hopefully this doesn’t set him back at all.

Minor Leaguer Josh Kroeger Blows Out Knee Celebrating Walk-Off (Video)

When does it end?!  Here is our promise regarding celebration injuries: when they stop happening, we will stop talking about them.  Unfortunately for people like the New Orleans Zephyrs Josh Kroeger, the end doesn’t appear to be near.  In a span of about two years, traditions like the home run trot and the pie-in-the-face have become increasingly dangerous.  Players like Kendrys Morales and Tyler Rahmatulla have shown us that pig-piling and celebrating after an emotional victory can be costly to your team’s future and your own personal health — at the professional and collegiate levels.  Now that we’ve seen the Josh Kroeger celebration injury video, we can add minor league baseball teams to the list as well.

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Thomas Levet Breaks Shin Celebrating French Open Win (Video)

Golfer Thomas Levet won his sixth European Tour event Sunday when he became the second Frenchman to win the French Open. He decided to celebrate in the most logical way possible — by jumping into the water after the 18th hole. Hey honey, look at me, I’m hang-gliding. Take a good picture!

What an idiot! They totally jumped about 10 feet in on a water hazard that only appeared to be a few feet deep. Where was the caddy on that one? I thought they’re supposed to have the course all measured up and be recommending proper advice? And how about the dude being unable to pull himself out of the pond like he were in a wading pool? Pretty sad, huh?

No surprise, Levet is out of the Scottish Open after breaking his shin. What is a surprise is that he’s not the first athlete to be injured while celebrating. Check out the full list of athletes hurt while celebrating and try not to shake your head too many times.

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Now The Pie-in-the-Face is Dangerous

About a week ago, we felt inclined to update you on all the weird baseball injuries that have occurred this season, of which there have been an abundance.  Throughout recent history, we’ve seen pitchers who manage to injure themselves swinging a bat and players who injure themselves while celebrating.  The UCLA baseball team failed to learn a lesson from Kendry Morales — who hurt his ankle celebrating a walk-off homer — and ended up injuring one of their pitchers in a dog pile.  Celebrating a big moment is something you kind of can’t help, but unless it’s a championship clincher teams should probably do their best to scale it back a bit.

When considering the possibility of an injury related to the pie-in-the-face celebration, I tend to think about people ending up with a scratched cornea or an eye injury.  I can honestly say I’ve never given any thought to somebody tearing a meniscus.  That’s exactly what happened to Florida Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan after the Marlins walk-off win over the Braves on Sunday afternoon.  Coghlan suffered a torn meniscus trying to smash a shaving-cream pie in Wes Helms‘ face after his walk-off single, and he could be out six to eight weeks if surgery is necessary.

It’s tough to control your emotions when you care about the team.  It’s totally understandable, but I’d hate to see a pennant race affected by a casualty that’s suffered during a post-game celebration.  Players really need to make a more conscious effort to celebrate safely, if that’s at all possible.  I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than ending up on the shelf because you were trying to smash shaving cream in a teammate’s face.  I’m sure Coghlan agrees.

Coghlan goes on DL after celebration injury [MLB.com]