Celtic manager Neil Lennon answers reporter’s cell phone and speaks with his wife (Video)

Neil-Lennon-CelticCeltic manager Neil Lennon was in the middle of his postgame press conference on Saturday after a 4-1 victory over Hearts when he was interrupted by a reporter’s cell phone. The sound of a phone vibrating or a text message coming in is easy to ignore, but this was a loud, obnoxious ring. Lennon couldn’t resist.

He answered the phone once, and the woman on the other line — who happened to be the reporter’s wife — must have been confused so she hung up. She then proceeded to call back again, and Lennon addressed her by name and told her to stop interrupting his press conference. She hung up yet again, likely more embarrassed the second time around.

Somebody’s going to be in trouble when they get home. I’d be willing to bet that reporter will have his phone on vibrate for all future press conferences. As Arkansas coach John L. Smith taught us during the college football season, nothing good can come of a coach using a cell phone during a Q&A session.

Video via Deadspin

Celtic players cover teammate Mohamed Bangura’s car in Post-It notes (Picture)

When it comes to harmless pranks on a teammate’s car, you won’t find anyone more in favor of it than me. But is this too much? Sure, these Post-It notes that Mohamed Bangura’s Celtic teammates put on his car are going to take forever to take off — and they’ll probably leave an annoying adhesive residue — but how long did this stunt take to execute? Unless they had an army of 200 helping them, it had to have taken hours to cover the car.

Bangura can just be thankful his teammates didn’t destroy the interior of his car by loading it with buttered popcorn like some have done before him. He also doesn’t have to know how to put a tire back on in order to drive away like this college quarterback had to. It’s a tedious job to remove all those stickies, but it certainly could have been worse.

H/T Dirty Tackle