Chane Behanan wears Kevin Ware’s jersey after Louisville win (Pictures)

Chane Behanan Kevin Ware jersey

Chane Behanan had injured teammate Kevin Ware close in mind after Louisville defeated Duke 85-63 to reach the Final Four of the NCAA tournament Sunday.

Late in the Cardinals’ win over the Blue Devils, he put on Ware’s No. 5 jersey to honor his teammate who suffered a nasty broken leg in the first half of the game. After the game, Behanan walked around on the court after the game wearing the jersey. He later took it off so that the entire team could hold it up for a team picture on the court:

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Louisville Forward Chane Behanan Says Cards Will Go Undefeated (Video)

With the exception of Rex Ryan and maybe a few others, most coaches don’t enjoy making guarantees or hearing their players make them.  Guaranteeing your team is going to succeed in some way does nothing but put a bullseye on your back.  For whatever reason, some players like making promises when microphones are in their face.  The latest “why would he say that?” moment in the sports world was brought to us by Louisville freshman Chane Behanan, who said that the Cardinals are not only the No. 1 team in the country but they are also going to go undefeated.  Check out this interview clip that The Dagger passed along:

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