Charles Rogers allegedly threatened to kill his mother over $100,000

Remember two weeks ago we told you there was an arrest warrant for Charles Rogers? There were three counts against him connected to a traffic stop that revealed marijuana possession, and two charges for allegedly threatening a family member. Now we know what the threat allegedly was.

A police report says Rogers threatened to kill his mother over $100,000. The report says Cathy Rogers received a call informing her that her son, Charles, was about to lose his house. She called him to ask about it and he reportedly began threatening her and telling her to mind her own business.

According to MLive.com, “The police report states that in a voicemail to his mother, Charles Rogers threatened to ‘blow her mouth out’ and said that he was willing to do ‘the time’ he would face as a result.”

Rogers’ uncle is also being charged with threatening Cathy Rogers, though he is denying wrongdoing. What a family, huh?

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Arrest warrant issued for Charles Rogers

Charles Rogers is in trouble again. The former Lions and Michigan State receiver was pulled over by Saginaw, Mich. police in December and there is an arrest warrant for him in connection with that stop.

Rogers faced five three charges from that stop, including one for marijuana possession, and he faces charges for allegedly threatening a family member this month during a cell phone conversation.

Rogers was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2003 draft and played just 15 games over a disappointing three-year career with the Lions. Rogers admitted to smoking weed every day during his brief Lions career.

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Charles Rogers to Blow ‘Ay Day’ with Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Winnipeg is now the official home of NFL refugees. A day after the Blue Bombers of the CFL signed Pacman Jones, the Globe and Mail says former Lions first-round pick Charles Rogers has agreed to a contract with the team. The Blue Bombers are 3-5 this season and apparently are in desperate need of a boost.

One has to wonder whether or not they’re going about things in the right way. Is publicity really worth adding a WR who hasn’t played since ’05 and a defensive back who was mediocre last year, not to mention a menace to society? I doubt it. I can’t imagine that Rogers has any skills left considering he’s 28 and hasn’t played in four years. Imagine a number two overall pick playing just nine games for your franchise. 36 career receptions, 440 yards, and four touchdowns in his bust career. Hey, at least he tied Ricky Williams for the league lead in bong hits.

Looks like both the Rogers and Pacman deals fell through