Chip Kelly threw up when he heard Matt Barkley was returning to USC

Oregon has been the class of the Pac-12 the past three seasons, but two opposing quarterbacks haven’t made their life easy. They had to deal with Andrew Luck for a third year after the Stanford quarterback decided to return to school last season, and they faced the same fate when Matt Barkley elected to return to USC for his senior season. Coach Chip Kelly’s reaction to the news was pretty funny.

“I said this twice, and I’m being totally honest — I did it with Andrew Luck and I did it with Matt Barkley — I threw up,” Kelly told The Dan Patrick Show.

“Somebody’s gotta tell those guys they need to leave after three years.”

Barkley’s return makes USC “the most talented team in the country,” in Kelly’s opinion.

But does that mean USC is the best team?

“Oh I don’t know about that,” says Kelly. “That’s why we play the games.”

Oregon will get a chance to prove they’re better than USC at the Coliseum on November 3. Barkley has improved every season, and he played at an elite level last year throwing 39 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. I don’t think he’ll match his stats this season, but I’m guessing USC will beat Oregon head-to-head. The teams could also meet in the Pac-12 Championship Game.

Chip Kelly will be selecting Casey Martin’s outfits at the U.S. Open

Ever hated those eye-assaulting uniform combinations that the Oregon football team are prone to sport on the field? There was a time when you could have directed your complaints to Oregon men’s golf coach Casey Martin, who was responsible for designating what pants, jerseys and helmets the Ducks would wear each week during the 2009 season. Now Chip Kelly has the chance to exact revenge on his good pal for all the preposterous ways Martin made his football team dress.

Martin, who many remember from successfully suing the PGA Tour over 10 years ago under the Americans with Disabilities Act for his right to use a golf cart at tournaments, will be part of the field at the U.S. Open later this week after qualifying last Monday. And Kelly will be responsible for choosing Martin’s look at the tournament.

“Chip texted me that he wants to coordinate all my uniforms,” Martin said on Friday, according to The Register-Guard. “No joke – he did. So I said, all right, you’re on. He sent me pictures with visors and everything.”

Nike provided Martin with a package of Oregon golf gear, and he sent pictures to Kelly for him to make his decisions with. Martin enjoyed picking Oregon’s football threads but also realizes it could now mean trouble for him.

“It was fun until we see what Chip does to me this week, and then maybe payback for the white, green and gray Utah uniforms,” Martin added.

But if Kelly has had anything to do with what Martin’s been wearing in practice rounds this week, Martin might not have anything to worry about. But there’s still at least a few more days left for Kelly to make Martin look like Russell Westbrook or something.

We’d say be prepared to see Martin in the craziest outfits at The Olympic Club this week, but then again Ian Poulter and Rickie Fowler are also in the field.

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Chip Kelly Backs Out of Buccaneers Job, Says His ‘Heart is with College Football’

In an announcement that should surprise absolutely no one, Chip Kelly has decided to stay at the University of Oregon. On Sunday night, reports surfaced that Kelly and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were finalizing a deal for him to become their next head coach. We were skeptical about why Kelly would make the jump merely a week before National Signing Day and fresh off a Rose Bowl victory, and apparently for good reason. According to the Register-Guard, Kelly told a source, “I’m staying” just before midnight on Sunday.

“His heart is with college football and Oregon and he’s no longer being considered,” Bucs general manager Mark Dominik said according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Money was obviously not the issue here, as Kelly signed a six-year extension worth $20.5 million with Oregon in 2010. Our suspicion was that he might have been on the verge of pulling a Pete Carrol and leaving before the program was sanctioned by the NCAA. Either Kelly is willing to deal with the Willie Lyles scouting services situation or he’s been given reason to believe it will not be an issue.

In any event, the Bucs will have to continue their head coaching search and Kelly has some holes to full with his offense.  LaMichael James and Darron Thomas have already announced their decisions to turn pro, so Chip will have to find a new quarterback and a new running back to grasp his high-tempo spread offense.  I’m sure the Ducks are glad to have him back.

Chip Kelly Reportedly Finalizing Deal to Become Tampa Bay’s Head Coach

Oregon football coach Chip Kelly reportedly is negotiating to become the new head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

KGW-TV in Portland first reported that Kelly was close to signing a deal to become Tampa Bay’s coach. The Tampa Bay Times confirmed the report, and said Kelly met with the team’s owners and GM last week. He reportedly was one of eight candidates to interview for the position. ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed that negotiations are ongoing.

You might be wondering why Kelly would be leaving Oregon a week before National Signing Day and coming off a Rose Bowl win. We have a few ideas.

We’re guessing Kelly is taking a page out of the Pete Carroll playbook and bolting before the NCAA comes down on the program. Oregon was under scrutiny for its relationship with street agent Willie Lyles, whom they paid $25,000 ostensibly to land recruiting prospect Lache Seastrunk, who later transferred to Baylor.

Upcoming NCAA sanctions could be part of the reason quarterback Darron Thomas surprisingly announced his decision to turn pro.

Video: Chip Kelly Yells at Fans to Shut Up During Interview with Erin Andrews

Chip Kelly is an intense coach and he doesn’t mess around. When some obnoxious fans were yelling in the background of his postgame interview with ESPN’s Erin Andrews, he didn’t like it. The Ducks coach turned around and yelled at the fans to shut up. Here’s the awesome video:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Oregon did win that game, right? You wouldn’t have been able to tell from his mood. Although you have to admit, this Chip Kelly is way more exciting than the fun-loving guy who dressed up as the team’s mascot a few years ago.

Thanks to Ben Golliver for the video

Chip Kelly Could Make $4.3 Million With an Oregon Win This Weekend

The Oregon Ducks are one win away from a guaranteed trip to the BCS national title game.  With a win over Oregon State this Saturday, the Ducks would run their record to 12-0 and remain atop the BCS polls.  The stakes can’t be raised any higher than that.  Or can they?

For Chip Kelly, they certainly can.  After a review of Kelly’s current contract with Oregon, USA Today determined that the Ducks’ game this weekend is valued at around $4.3 million for their head coach.  Kelly’s contract includes a provision that tacks another year onto his contract if Oregon wins at least 12 games in the 2010 season or qualifies for the BCS title game.  A win over Oregon State would assure both and give Kelly an extra year on his contract worth $4 million, taking him into the 2016-2017 season.

Like almost all other coaches in the NCAA, Kelly also would receive a bonus if Oregon were to go on and win the national championship.  That would pay him an additional $200,000 along with adding a year to his deal.  And that’s not all.  Kelly also earns $285,000 every time one of his teams wins 12 “regular season” games, so he would get his hands on that cash with a win this weekend as well.

No pressure.

Chip Kelly on Arrests: We’re Embarrassed

Oregon coach Chip Kelly took the stage on ESPN’s Outside the Lines Tuesday to face the firing squad. Reporter Bob Ley offered Kelly the opportunity to discuss the state of his program and pressed Chip with difficult questions. When forced to answer for Oregon’s disruptive offseason that includes several arrests, Kelly defended the way he’s handled things:

“If people want to pile on me, if people want to hit me, fire away. But I love my players, I’m going to stick by my players. But if they do something wrong, they understand that they will have to pay a price for doing something wrong. Our job will continue to be to educate them every single day about the right things to do and the wrong things to do.

I’m embarrassed. Our football team is embarrassed. We represent an outstanding university and that’s not how we do things and that has to stop.”

Kelly also said that the off-field activities have tarnished the accomplishment of reaching the Rose Bowl which is pretty accurate now that the program has become a punchline. The main question is whether the multitude of arrests and issues indicates a lack of control of the program by Kelly. The other question is if Kelly is properly disciplining his players.

At this point I’d be inclined to say that Kelly does have control over the program but either he or former coach Mike Bellotti recruited some poor character guys who are making them look bad. And as far as disciplining the guys I think Chip is taking the proper approach in viewing things on a case-by-case basis. The only difference is I would take a harsher stance towards my player based on the crime they’re accused of — theft is less severe than domestic violence and strangulation so I would suspend accordingly. If this sort of activity persists then the university needs to put its foot down regarding the type of player the school is recruiting. If things turn around then the issues can be attributed to a really bad and embarrassing offseason. Bottom line is Kelly needs to send the message that this sort of behavior won’t be tolerated and that’s accomplished by kicking players off the team and suspending. He’s already done both.