Chris Kaman makes meme out of him sleeping on Lakers bench

Chris Kaman sleeping toilet

Chris Kaman was seen laying down on the Lakers’ bench during the third quarter on Wednesday because hey, with all the empty chairs, why not stretch out?

We posted the picture and wrote about it here at LBS, and it sorta went viral. It was also enough to prompt Kaman to tweet for the first time since Oct. 29. And he sure had a lot of fun with it and totally played along with the joke.

Take a look at the tweets below:

Oh boy, and then the Photoshops started coming:

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Chris Kaman took a nap on empty Lakers’ bench during game

Chris Kaman bench

The Los Angeles Lakers had so few players available for Wednesday night’s game in Cleveland, Chris Kaman decided to take advantage of all the leg room.

With the Lakers up by over 20 points on the Cavaliers in the third quarter, Kaman took a load off and laid down across all the empty chairs, giving us one of the funnier images of the season.

What’s crazy is how few players the Lakers had for the game and how much misfortune they experienced.

The Lakers began the game with only eight players available. Nick Young suffered a knee injury in the second quarter, Jordan Farmar suffered a calf injury in the fourth quarter, and Kaman fouled out. That left the Lakers with exactly five players.

Things got really interesting when Robert Sacre fouled out with under four minutes left. Because the Lakers only had five players, Sacre was allowed to stay in the game but the Lakers were charged with a technical foul, per NBA rules.

Image via Twitter/nbarocksstc

Chris Kaman tweets pictures of himself holding dead bobcat before Charlotte game

The Hornets are hosting the Bobcats Monday night, so how did center Chris Kaman get into proper spirit for the game? By taking pictures of himself holding a dead cat — or a Bobcat to be exact. Kaman is known for sharing pictures of his hunting spoils on Twitter, but this was taking things a little too far. By tweeting pictures of this nature, Kaman is showing he’s not too different from the wacky fans who go overboard at tailgates.

Chris Kaman Rips Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Native Blake Griffin Responds

Clippers center Chris Kaman seems to have spent a good part of the lockout in his native Michigan. Now that the lockout appears to have ended, Kaman is taking a road trip to LA for the season. While passing through the midwest, Kaman has been sending some tweets, such as this one:

“Passing through OK City, who would want to live here?”

Kaman was likely trying to upset teammate Blake Griffin, who’s from Oklahoma. Naturally, Griffin zinged him back.

“Me, Chris. Don’t you still live with your parents?”

If Kaman did spend the lockout with his parents, that wouldn’t make him the first NBA player to do so. Either way, he responded with some self-deprecating humor.

“Not anymore, duh lock out is over!”

Kaman later said that he was just joking with Griffin, but I’m sure there are plenty of Oklahomans who don’t find it funny. After all, we’ve seen how some of them take a joke. Maybe Kaman will have to offer some venison to Griffin as a truce.

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Clippers and Sixers Could Swap Andre Iguodala for Chris Kaman

The Clippers have been open to trading center Chris Kaman since the time he got hurt and backup center DeAndre Jordan began playing well. Likewise, it seemed inevitable that the Sixers would deal Andre Iguodala after he missed his season-ending exit meeting. Just last month the Philly Inquirer said the team was looking to trade him. There have been reports of an Iguodala for Kaman trade and Iggy supposedly would love to play with the Clips. Adding to the trade speculation is what Alex Kennedy wrote at Hoops Hype Monday.

Kennedy says Iguodala is open to a trade, that he doesn’t expect to be back in Philly next season, and that the Sixers don’t want a player who has a long-term contract in return. Kaman fits that profile well because he’s only set to make $12.2 million next season before his contract expires. Iguodala is set to make over $28 million the next two years and he has a player option for $15.9 million in three years, something he’ll definitely pick up.

Philly may not be inclined to trade Iguodala for Kaman straight up, but that’s an excellent basis for a potential deal. Perhaps the Clippers could add in another player or draft pick to make it more realistic. Either way, it seems as if Iguodala will be dealt and the Clippers seem like a possible trade partner.

Clippers Center Chris Kaman Went Gun Shopping to Prepare for Rapture Day

Rapture Day came and went. I’m here, you’re here (at least I believe so), and the notorious scare of May 21st’s Judgement Day is finished. However, that same scare led to Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman purchasing a few guns.

Kaman tweeted “Just in case anything fishy happens tomorrow I bought a few more guns.” Following the tweet, he displayed a few photos (one pictured above) of rather large guns that could do serious damage.

Some may think this is all fun and games, but NBA commissioner David Stern will not. Thanks to one idiot amongst the NBA ranks, the Association holds a strict policy against firearms and that’s probably something Kaman wouldn’t be advised to share.

So Chris Kaman’s a German Now …

I have no idea how this stuff works out, but somehow Chris Kaman is going to wind up playing for Germany in the Olympics. Yes, the dude was born in Michigan, which in case you had forgotten, is in the U.S., and even went to school at Central Michigan, too. Yet somehow he started contemplating playing for the German national team a few months ago. Dude’s great grandparents are German from what I understand, and I guess that was enough to get him German citizenship.

Honestly, I don’t get it. Is this really about patriotism or just some sort of mockery? Should I go try and play for the Polish baseball team because I’m like 1/16th Polish? Why would Chris Kaman go out of his way to do this? Does he live in Germany? Did he grow up in Germany? Does he work in Germany? Does he make money because of the German economy? I’d really like to know what part Germany played in his life prior to this citizenship anointment. Seriously, this is just becoming a joke. As long as Chris Kaman is allowed to play for the German national team, then you know this whole thing is bunk. What a joke.