Chris Rainey cut for messing with fire extinguisher?

Chris-Rainey-ColtsChris Rainey was given a second (maybe even third) chance with the Indianapolis Colts late last season and blew it. The former Florida running back was waived by the Colts on July 28 after he reportedly violated team rules. He may have revealed the details of the incident on Thursday night.

Rainey was live-tweeting during Indy’s preseason game against the New York Jets, and he literally sounded like a third grader. After Colts running back Dan “Boom” Herron scored a touchdown, Rainey tweeted that he took the wrap for a fire extinguisher incident that also involved Herron. Deadspin captured the tweets before Rainey deleted them.


Most players wouldn’t lose their roster spot for horsing around with a fire extinguisher, but Rainey was on a short leash. He was arrested on charges of aggravated stalking back in college and was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers in Jan. 2013 after a simple battery arrest. A month before that, Rainey was cited for trespassing at a casino in Pennsylvania.

Maybe Herron did mess with the fire extinguisher that night just like Rainey, but nobody likes a tattle tale. Herron gets to keep his roster spot for now but he’ll probably be grounded. Way to go, Rainey.

Chris Rainey Not Part of Team After Arrest

Following the model of Elijah Dukes, Florida Gators receiver Chris Rainey was arrested Tuesday on charges of aggravated stalking. Rainey went over to his on-and-off girlfriend’s place after she missed his call. The two apparently talked for 10 minutes before she asked Rainey to leave. When he left, he sent her the now infamous “Time to Die Bitch” text message. The woman’s sister called police after the text message was received.

Florida’s offensive coordinator Steve Addazio has said Rainey “is not part of the team right now” following the arrest. Addazio’s words have been reported differently by others. AP writer Mark Long quoted Addazio as saying Rainey is “no longer a part of the team.”

The difference between the two quotes is significant. In The Gainesville Sun’s version, the implication is that the move is temporary. In Long’s version, the implication is that the situation is more permanent.

Knowing Urban Meyer’s history of weak discipline, I’m guessing this is a temporary situation. With the way Florida’s looked in their first two games, they’ll need all the play makers on offense they can get and Urb will do his best to get Rainey back on the field quickly.

Update: Gators: Rainey ‘not part of the team’ after arrest [The Gainesville Sun]