Clint Dempsey misses goal on great play in extra time (Video)

Clint DempseyThe United States’ best chance at scoring the equalizer against Belgium in extra time of their World Cup match Tuesday came on an excellent play on a free kick.

The US drew up a sick play on a free kick and had Jermaine Jones fake like he was going to touch the ball. Instead, Michael Bradley passed to Chris Wondolowski, who passed through Belgium’s defense to an open Clint Dempsey. Thibaut Courtois came out to cut down the angle and made a great stop on Dempsey’s attempt at the goal, and the US was unable to capitalize.

It was a great play and huge chance for the US, but they were unable to convert, keeping the score at 2-1.

Now Belgium will advance to the quarterfinals for the first time since 1986. They are unbeaten in their last 14 competitive matches.

Rip Hamilton offers to give Clint Dempsey his mask


Clint Dempsey suffered a broken nose during USA’s win over Ghana when he was kicked in the face by a high leg. The 31-year-old striker’s nose was shaped like a Christmas tree and he was coughing up blood, so it’s going to kill if he gets hit in the face again.

Despite that, Dempsey said he is not planning to wear a protective mask against Portugal. Unless, of course, Rip Hamilton can convince him to.

Hamilton, who broke his nose years ago but kept wearing the mask after his nose healed because he was playing well, is willing to lend Dempsey one of his lucky shields.

“On my way to Brazil to watch @clint_dempsey and Team USA at World Cup,” the former Detroit Pistons star wrote on Instagram. “@clint_dempsey if u need to borrow my mask I’m bringing them in my carry on bag. #MaskChangedMyCareer #TeamUSA #WorldCup #BrandJordan #BrazilPack #HugeFanOfSoccer #holdat.”

Dempsey is probably worried that he won’t be able to breathe well in the sweltering Brazil heat, which is understandable. If he changes his mind, he knows where to go.

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Clint Dempsey thinks nose is broken, was coughing up blood

Clint Dempsey broken nose

Clint Dempsey in all likelihood suffered a broken nose against Ghana in Group G play of the World Cup on Monday.

Dempsey scored in the first minute to give the US a 1-0 lead over Ghana in the 2-1 victory. A little over 30 minutes later, he was kicked in the face and began bleeding. Despite his bloody nose, Dempsey kept playing in the game.

After the contest closed, Dempsey said he thought it was broken. Washington Post reporter Steven Goff says Dempsey said he was coughing up blood and that he hopes to begin breathing through his nose again in the next few days.

Based on Dempsey’s nose being shaped like a Christmas tree, I’d say his diagnosis is spot on. And credit to LBS’ Steve DelVecchio for calling this one:

Image via Pete Blackburn

Clint Dempsey gets bloody nose after being kicked in face (GIF)

Just minutes after the US lost striker Jozy Altidore to what looked like a hamstring injury, Clint Dempsey was booted directly in the face by a high kick. Dempsey, another American striker, was left with a bloody nose and briefly left the field. He quickly returned.

No foul was called on the play, which infuriated Dempsey and US coach Jurgen Klinsmann. That was obviously a dangerous play that should have resulted in a whistle at the very least, if not a yellow card.


Dempsey gave the US an early 1-0 lead over Ghana less than two minutes in. The Americans paid a steep price for the goal from a physical standpoint.

GIF and photo via @cjzero

Seattle Sounders fan gets Clint Dempsey’s face tattooed on his neck

Clint-Dempsey-SoundersClint Dempsey made his Seattle Sounders debut on Saturday, and his new biggest fan may have already been established. The US soccer star came over from Tottenham and was a major signing for the MLS. Was the move big enough to warrant a neck tattoo? That’s debatable.

There are athlete tribute tattoos and then there are tattoos of a player’s face on your neck. One Sounders fan decided to go with the latter and take the concept of rooting for your favorite player to an entirely new level.

Unfortunately, this is not the first horrible tribute tattoo we have seen. Whether it’s Davis Love III or Stephon Marbury, fans have some interesting ways of showing their dedication to a particular player. There’s just something about the neck tattoo that makes it that much more disturbing.

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