Conan O’Brien makes fun of NBA players’ curious fashion sense (Video)

This NBA postseason, the postgame pressers have almost become more about player fashion rather than the actual comments and insights being made.

Glassesfish hooks, matching turquoise finger wraps, more glassessparkles and, of course, even more glasses. Obviously, with Russell Westbrook alone, it’s getting to be too much.

Even Conan O’Brien recognizes this shift toward the pages of Banana Republic and Lacoste catalogs. So, Conan decided to lampoon the growing trend of players becoming unlikely fashionistas with a bit on his talk show Monday night. And it was superb:

This is really funny and all, Conan, but just hope you didn’t give Westbrook any more ideas.

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Conan O’Brien zings L.A. Kings on Twitter; Kings zing right back

Let’s be honest. With the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals, a lot of people in the L.A. region who haven’t a clue about hockey or the Kings are jumping on the bandwagon (driven by Enter Your Favorite Hollywood Star Here).

And while Conan O’Brien isn’t jumping on the Kings bandwagon per se, he showed he obviously has no grasp on anything NHL- or Kings-related when he tried to make a topical joke about the team in this tweet sent Friday:

Not bad, Conan — if it was sent a week earlier. The Kings, of course, disposed of the Coyotes on Tuesday, making Conan’s tweet outdated and useless. Knowing Conan, he’ll probably joke that an intern will get fired for letting him send that tweet. If Twitter was fair game for Conan’s Fan Corrections segment, the tweet would probably be the subject of a hefty portion of viewer submissions.

The Kings’ Twitter account, which has been on a roll these playoffs, was none too amused by O’Brien’s failed attempt at a joke and fired back with a joke of its own:

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Conan Recreates Tebow to Thomas Touchdown Pass Using Peanuts (Video)

Television networks pay a lot of money to air NFL games and highlights. A lot of money. So much money that not even all the treasure in Uncle Scrooge’s money pit could pay for it. So when Conan O’Brien wanted to air the highlight of Tim Tebow’s walkoff touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime, he had to find an alternative. And an alternative he created.

Conan and his crew recreated the touchdown pass using peanuts. Religious references were made. The hand of God was invoked. Let’s just say that the Patriots will be joining the Steelers in hell next week.

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