Boxer Curtis Woodhouse hunts down Twitter troll to confront him at his home

Curtis WoodhouseBritish boxer Curtis Woodhouse was the subject of some online abuse from a Twitter troll after losing a fight last Friday, and he wasn’t about to let it pass. He decided to take matters into his own hands by hunting down his main Twitter antagonist nearby the person’s home, which left the Twitter user apologetic and presumably frightened.

Woodhouse, 32, is a former professional soccer player who decided to pursue boxing professionally in 2006. He is 17-5 after losing a light welterweight fight to Shayne Singleton by split decision last Friday. Though many people sent him support on Twitter by saying he got robbed in the decision, at least one person criticized him for the loss.

A Twitter user who guys by the handle of @jimmyob88 and the nickname “the master” began attacking Woodhouse and calling him names:

Woodhouse retweeted some of the nasty messages that user sent him so that his entire following would see it. He even wrote back “lol” to “the master” in response, but his friendly tone quickly changed after the nastiness continued.

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