Danny Jennings Leaves Bench During West Virginia Game, Likely Done

There was a quite bizarre occurrence during the West Virginia-South Florida game Sunday. The Mountaineers won 56-46 to improve to 13-5 and did so a man down. Sophomore Danny Jennings did not play in the game, and actually left the team about two minutes into the second half. Coach Bob Huggins didn’t know what to make of the situation after the game, saying “It’s unexcused. Inexcusable, he’ll never be seen again, I guess.”

It’s quite possible that Jennings got into a fight with his coach at halftime, because leaving his teammates during a game doesn’t make much sense. Huggins has been unhappy with Jennings’ attitude the entire season. If you recall, Danny and Truck Bryant were not invited to travel to the team’s game against VMI in November. Huggins was disappointed with the players’ practice efforts and disregard for the coach’s instructions.

The 6’8″ sophomore forward from Staten Island seemed to have plenty of talent but a bad attitude. If you can’t get along with Huggins — who generally has an excellent relationship with his players — then something must be wrong with you. Just leaving his team during a game probably says enough about Jennings’ attitude in itself. At least now the equipment team won’t have to worry about screwups anymore.

(via Just Sports & Just Us)

West Virginia Misspells Danny Jennings’ Name on Jersey

How common is it for athletes in the national spotlight to have to play with misspelled names on their jerseys?  Pretty common if Sunday was any indication.  If we were talking intramural sports at the local middle school, it might not be as shocking — but we aren’t.  We already showed you a picture of Kevin Williams’ misspelled jersey on Sunday, and now SbB Live has pointed out that the same thing happened to West Virginia’s Danny Jennings.  Here’s a picture of Danny Jennings’ misspelled West Virginia jersey:

Are we missing something here?  This type of thing practically never happens, let alone twice in the same day.  Was Sunday National Piss Players Off by Spelling Their Names Wrong Day or something?  Let’s be serious, “Jennings” and “Williams” are not the most difficult names to spell.