Dan Sileo fired after tweets about $1,000 bounty on FSU player


Dan Sileo was fired by sports radio station WMEN in Palm Beach on Monday, a day after he tweeted that he was offering $1,000 for a Miami player to take out a Florida State player in a potential ACC championship game rematch.

Here are the since-deleted tweets he sent (as captured by Tomahawk Nation):

Dan Sileo bounty tweets

Sileo tried to back up the train and say he was kidding about the whole thing, but it was too late. WMEN posted a statement on their site to say Sileo had been fired.

“As a result of Dan Sileo’s action on his personal Twitter account on November 3, 2013, WMEN has terminated his independent contractor relationship with the station. The ownership, staff, and management of WMEN 640 Sports do not condone his actions which have no place in sports,” the statement reads.

Sileo tried to apologize in several tweets sent on Sunday and Monday and claimed he had been receiving death threats for his bounty tweet. You can see all those tweets below. You may recall that Sileo, an ex-Miami Hurricanes football player, was fired by WDAE in Tampa last year for calling three black NFL players “three monkeys.” He was also suspended by WQAM earlier this year for his inappropriate tweets sent to Erin Andrews.

Below are his tweets concerning the FSU player. Oh yeah, as the cherry on top of this whole thing, Sileo misidentified the player in the picture and put the bounty on the wrong guy.

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Tampa radio host Dan Sileo wants Bucs to get ‘those three monkeys’ (Audio)

Tampa radio host Dan Sileo (pictured) seemed to cross a major racial line Monday when he called players the Buccaneers were rumored to be pursuing “three monkeys.”

The players in question are Jonathan Vilma, Cortland Finnegan, and Vincent Jackson — three black players.

“Wow, they’re gonna spend all that money,” Sileo said while hosting his morning show on WDAE The Sports Animal.

Sileo’s co-host then razzed him, suggesting Dan was going to end up changing his mind after the Bucs got the players.

“And Dan’ll be like, ‘well, they’re not really that good.'”

But Sileo stood by his opinion, saying “No! No! If they get those three monkeys, I’m good! I’m ready, man. I’m ready. I want those guys. Those guys are great players.”

The audio is below, via Deadspin:

Sileo is a former Miami Hurricanes lineman who played 10 games with the Bucs in 1987. He’s had credibility issues in the past and was suspended in 2009 for claims about the Buccaneers owners.

We have no idea in what possible context his “three monkeys” comment could have been stated to make it benign, because that sounded awful. Recall that Howard Cosell got into trouble for calling Redskins receiver Alvin Garrett “a little monkey” on Monday Night Football in 1983. Cosell said that was an affectionate term he also used for white players, but he still left the booth after the season. We can’t imagine things go much better for Sileo. I’d like to hear his explanation for the comment.

UPDATE: Dan Sileo has been fired.