Daniel Radcliffe is a fantasy football addict, has team named ‘Barkevious Mingo’s mother’

Daniel-RadcliffeHarry Potter is a huge fantasy football buff. Well, Harry might have his hands full with evil spells and Lord Voldemort, but the actor who plays him is glued to the computer on Sundays tracking his fantasy team like the rest of us.

Radcliffe was the subject of a lengthy interview with The New York Times Magazine’s Susan Dominus. In the feature, Radcliffe boasts that he is a huge American football fan and claims he knows the name of every starter in the NFL. The New York Times’ 6th Floor blog was intrigued by Radcliffe’s NFL obsession, so they delved deeper into the fantasy football subject. The 6th Floor’s Samantha Henig asked Radcliffe how he became such a big fan.

“It’s just a fantastic sport,” Radcliffe told Henig. “I watched it ever since I came over and was doing “Equus” in the Broadhurst Theater. I got christened a Giants fan that year by the crew who were working there. I took an interest then, but when I got into fantasy football, that’s when my level of obsession with the game increased and my understanding of it grew very quickly as I realized that if I was not going to completely embarrass myself in this league then I was going to have to put in some serious time learning about it.”

Radcliffe’s favorite sport is cricket. He said he would never do any type of fantasy cricket league because he could never bring himself to root against the English cricket team if there were fantasy implications. But the best part of Radcliffe’s passion for fantasy football is his team name, “Barkevious Mingo’s mum,” which is a tribute to the Cleveland Browns linebacker.

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