Sedin twins wear matching sweaters in Canucks’ ugly Christmas sweater picture


Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin are twins. They both play for the Vancouver Canucks. It’s really, really cute, and the Sedin brothers took things to an entirely new level recently when they posed with some teammates while wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters.

As you can see from the photo above that Bure’s Triple Deke shared on Twitter, some of the Canucks players had some fun rocking horrible Christmas sweaters earlier this week. The Sedins stole the show by wearing identical sweaters with frilly collars and everything. And there was also this from Roberto Luongo, who got pretty comfortable with Ryan Kessler during the photo shoot.

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Daniel Sedin Uses His Head to Pass a Puck (Video)

As a Bruins fan, I grew to hate the Sedin brothers during last year’s Stanley Cup Finals.  Maybe I was annoyed by the Game 7 guarantee Daniel Sedin made or the fact that he refused to stick up for himself while Brad Marchand repeatedly socked him in the face.  It could also be the unmatched lameness of the Daniel and Henrik Sedin combo jersey that has turned me into a Sedin-hater.  Whatever the case, I will admit Daniel came up with a pretty cool play on Wednesday when he passed the puck using his head. Check out this video that SI Hot Clicks passed along:

Alright, that was painful. I’m done complimenting a Sedin brother now.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin Combo Jersey is Pretty Lame (Picture)

There are a few reasons I would never buy a Henrik and Daniel Sedin combo jersey.  For starters, combo jerseys are probably one of the lamest pieces of sports memorabilia you can own.  Secondly, Daniel Sedin has been known to guarantee victories for his team in cliche fashion only to continue cowering in the spotlight.  And thirdly, Daniel Sedin allowed Brad Marchand to punch him in the face repeatedly during the Stanley Cup Finals and did absolutely nothing about it.  That’s not the type of person I want to be promoting, even if the jersey is only half theirs.  Check out the Daniel and Henrik Sedin combo jersey that is currently for sale on the NHL Auction site, courtesy of Puck Daddy:

Believe it or not, someone has already bid $399 on this piece of garbage.  Sure it’s autographed, but that doesn’t make the concept any less obnoxious.  Daniel’s number is 22 and Henrik’s is 33, so combined that gives us … 23?  Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Oh yeah and two Sedin brothers equals a last name of “Sedins.”  Of course this forces us to raise the question of which combo jersey is more ridiculous: the Sedin hockey jersey or this horrendous Miami Heat jersey?  I’ll call it a tie.

Daniel Sedin Wins Lindsay Award, Receives Damaged Trophy

Daniel Sedin may have lost the Hart Trophy to Corey Perry at the NHL awards show on Wednesday night, but at least he took home some hardware. The Canucks winger won the Ross Trophy for leading the league in points, and he took home the Ted Lindsay Award for the MVP as chosen by the players. Even if he didn’t win the Hart Trophy, winning the other two awards was nice. Except for one minor problem … the Lindsay Award trophy was damaged goods. If you look at this picture carefully, you can see a piece of tape holding the crooked stick together:

Norm Clarke of the Las Vegas Review-Journal says one of two things can explain the damaged trophy. Clarke reported “Media members were first told that country music star Dierks Bentley may have accidentally bumped into the trophy backstage but an event rep later said the award was damaged in transit to Las Vegas, or while being transported after it arrived here.”

Because of the trophy’s damage, Sedin took most of his pictures covering up the tape on the stick. Check out the picture:

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Daniel Sedin Guarantees Game 7 Win for Canucks in Stanley Cup Final

Vancouver Canucks winger Daniel Sedin has guaranteed his team will win the decisive Game 7 against the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup Wednesday. Yes, try to hold back your Ace Ventura muttering laugh over that one. Daniel believes Vancouver’s home ice advantage will be the deciding factor in Game 7.

“We’re 3-3 and we won all three games at home and we have the fourth game at home,” Sedin said after losing Monday. “So we have the seventh game at home and we’ll take that. We are confident.”

Sedin then repeated his guarantee a second time saying “We lose as a team and win as a team and we’re going to win Game 7.”

During our time at LBS, several athletes have made guarantees. With the exception of Tim Thomas’ guarantee the Bruins would win the Eastern Conference Finals, most guarantees end up flopping.

You have to admire Daniel’s confidence in his team, but you also have to wonder if he just wasn’t a bit woozy from being punched in the head six times by Brad Marchand. All I know is I didn’t grow my beard for two months (seriously, this thing is out of hand) to see the Bruins lose in Game 7.

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Brad Marchand Punches Daniel Sedin Six Times in the Face (Video)

I understand that some guys in the NHL don’t like to fight.  That’s fine, and it just isn’t the way some people like to play, particularly flashy scorers like the Sedin twins.  But aren’t there times when even non-fighters have to stick up for themselves?  When Brad Marchand had Daniel Sedin by the sweater during a Bruins Game 6 win on Monday night and was repeatedly punching him in the face, that would have been a good time to show some heart.  Check out the video of Brad Marchand punching Daniel Sedin, courtesy of SB Nation via SI Hot Clicks:

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