Revis Island Craigslist Post Taunts Steelers Fans

If there’s one great gift about the playoffs in all sports, it’s that the players aren’t the only ones who take their game to the next level. No, this is the time of the year that fans step it up as well, doing whatever they can to get to the big game. That includes painfully enduring a** tattoos and shamelessly offering sex, though the latter is not advised (unless it’s with one of the members of the LBS staff). Check out this craigslist ad a Jets fan posted in the Pittsburgh area, as shared by Jimmy Traina on twitter:

Sorry Jets fans, your run of fun will come to an end this weekend. Revis, who isn’t even at the peak of his game, won’t be able to shut down the bevy of receiving options the Steelers have. There’s Mike Wallace who can get deep on any secondary, Hines Ward, and Emmanuel Sanders. Good luck stopping all three, Darrelle.

Moss is a Viking, Darrelle Revis is Still Talking Trash About Him

Just a side note from the Randy Moss trade saga: the first opponent he’ll face as a member of the Minnesota Vikings is the New York Jets.  Part of the Bill Belichick conspiracy?  Never know.  One thing we do know is that Darrelle Revis isn’t going to treat Moss any differently now that he’s left Revis’ arch rival.  In fact, it would appear Revis still has minimal respect for the Vikings’ new weapon.  Here’s what he told Jets reporters about Moss, via the Boston Herald:

In the second half (in Week 2), you could tell (Moss) was putting his foot on the brake,” Revis told Jets reporters, including the Record’s J.P. Pelzman. “Everybody knows that’s Randy. Sometimes he plays 100 percent, sometimes he doesn’t. You can tell. …. You saw it that game.”

Revis is right. That is certainly common knowledge about Moss. But Darrelle’s hamstring injury has kind of been a safety net for him this season with regard to Moss. He called Moss a slouch in the off-season and Moss responded by burning him for one of the best catches of the year week two. Turns out Revis’ hamstring was bothering him. Now, the Jets corner is talking smack about Moss again and once again, his status for Monday night’s game is uncertain.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings want to welcome back The Freak with a bang on Monday night.  Unfortunately, he probably won’t get the credit he deserves if he torches Revis for the second time in three games.

Despite Hamstring Injury, Revis-Moss Still Worth Price of Admission

On Tuesday, I shared my thoughts with everyone about how the match-up of New Yorks Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and New England Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss will be worth the price of admission.  The fact that Revis currently is listed on the Jets injury report with an injured hamstring has done nothing to alter my opinion.  Call me a skeptic.

Does Rex Ryan think the Patriots and the general public are buying it?  If you are, let me spare you the anticipation — Revis is going to play.  I’ve already heard people saying things like, “Ooh I bet he’s out of shape since he missed so much time this off-season.”  That’s a nice theory, but the more reasonable assumption would be that Rex is trying to pull a Bill Belichick.  By that I mean futz the injury report.

Randy Moss has gone on record saying that he’s prided his off-season on staying off of Revis Island.  When two rivalries get together the trash talk isn’t the only thing that gets ramped up.  Mind games are a huge factor that affect the preparation leading up to the big game.  This is a perfect example of said mind games.  The Jets are trying to give the Pats a slight jolt of excitement by indicating their star corner is banged up.

Darrelle Revis has probably never felt better.  If the Jets come out tomorrow and say he suffered a broken leg, I bet New England would still prepare as though Revis is playing.  Deep breath now, Fireman Ed.

Revis-Moss Worth the Price of Admission

There will be plenty on the line this Sunday when the New England Patriots travel to New Meadowlands Stadium to take on the New York Jets.  We all know every game during the NFL season is crucial, but you won’t find a Week 2 game with more at stake than this match-up.  The Jets can continue their infamous trash talk all throughout the week, but after losing to the Ravens on Monday night this weekend is an absolute must-win for Rex Ryan’s squad.

The past few weeks, a lot has been made of Randy Moss talking about his future and Darrelle Revis finally getting the Jets to cave and extend his contract.  I recommend putting all of that behind you now.  In just four short days it will be Revis-Moss time, and the stakes have seemingly never been higher.  Moss was a permanent resident of Revis Island last season as the Jets corner held him to just 58 yards on nine catches with one score in both their meetings.

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Jets and Revis Get Deal Done, of Course

You didn’t really think the Jets would going into the season without their top defensive back did you? You didn’t really think that a team with Super Bowl aspirations would feel comfortable playing in week one without the best cornerback in the game did you? Of course not — you knew the two sides would come together — and they did late Sunday night.

The Jets and shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis agreed on a four-year deal worth $46 million including $32 million guaranteed according to the NY Daily News. The new contract is a nice step up from what Revis was scheduled to make — $21 million over the next three years.

Although Revis is not making Nnamdi Asomugha money (three years $45 million), the newly agreed to contract is a nice compromise between what Revis wanted and what he was already scheduled to earn. Because the team already had him under contract, they weren’t under obligation to restructure his deal, but it was the right thing to do (especially if they had made him a promise).

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Valiant Effort, Cowlishaw

Tim Cowlishaw is officially backtracking after he Tweeted with absolute certainty that Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets would announce a new deal on or around Wednesday.  Huge surprise, right?  Maybe Cowlishaw really did have a trusted source that told him the deal was a lock, but it was your typical “if I’m right I’ll have bragging rights and if I’m wrong it will blow over in no time” type of situation.

Naturally, Revis remains unsigned and absent from the cast of Hard Knocks.  If nothing else, I’m going to give Cowlishaw some respect for manning up and admitting he’s wrong.  After all, it’s just as easy to pull a Paul Pierce and claim your Twitter account was hacked.  Here are some chunks from Cowlishaws kinda-sorta apology about the Tweet on his Dallas Morning News blog:

The words “I think” would have gone a long way towards expressing my feelings although on Sunday I felt them very strongly and wasn’t worried about being wrong. This deal, I truly believed, was almost done.

And I certainly didn’t do it to stir things up, to make life miserable for Jets beat writers or to call attention to myself. My position as a columnist at The Dallas Morning News and on ESPN’s Around the Horn has given me more attention than I will ever need.

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Holdouts Will Play This Season

Or at least, they should play this season.  Word is starting to circle that the New York Jets are close to a deal with Darrelle Revis, which was first reported via a Tweet from Tim Cowlishaw that I was fully ready to call b.s. on, so touche and good for you, Tim — unless you still turn out to be wrong.

The Jets have also agreed to a monstrous deal with center Nick Mangold (7 years, $55 million), so as of now it’s fair to say their front office is taking care of business.  The Mangold deal has huge implications in strengthening the position of another player who is currently holding out, the Patriots’ Logan Mankins.  According to an ESPN Boston report, Mankins is so put off by the way negotiations have gone that he is prepared to sit out the entire upcoming season.  As Mike Reiss points out, the current collective bargaining agreement requires a player to report by week 10 of the season in order for that year to count toward their free agent status, meaning if Mankins sat out the entire year the Patriots could go through the same fiasco with him again next season if that part of the CBA doesn’t change.

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