Darren Sharper says he has video proving innocence in New Orleans sexual assault case

Darren SharperDarren Sharper is being investigated for three different alleged sexual assaults. Two of them allegedly took place in hotel rooms in Los Angeles, and the other allegedly took place in New Orleans. Sharper’s team says they have video proof that suggests the sex between Sharper and the woman in New Orleans was consensual.

The woman in the New Orleans case filed a police report in September saying she had consumed large quantities of alcohol and had sex with Sharper against her will. But Sharper’s lawyer says they have surveillance footage that confirms witness accounts that say the woman willingly followed Sharper around throughout the evening.

The video has been turned over to investigators, and Sharper’s lawyer told TMZ Sports that they believe the video suggests no sexual assault occurred.

Sharper has not been charged in Louisiana, and his lawyers say that’s because investigators do not believe there is a good case against him.

Nola.com has more details about the allegations. The woman told police she met Sharper at a bar and that he took her back to his place, where they had sex, which she says was not consensual.

Both LAPD and NOPD have classified the cases as the type that could occur when an alleged victim is unable to consent.

We can’t speak to this individual case, though we don’t think a video showing that a woman was following him around means that no sexual assault occurred. Also, if three separate people have made sexual assault claims against Sharper in the past few months, it certainly is a troubling sign.

Darren Sharper tweeted about talking to young girls, described as ‘creepy’

Darren Sharper

A tweet Darren Sharper sent last summer about talking to young girls looks a lot worse given the context of recent events.

Sharper was arrested on Friday in Los Angeles on suspicion of rape. TMZ reported that Sharper is being investigated for two separate sexual assaults that took place inside LA hotels — one in Oct. 2013 and the other this month. He also is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault in Louisiana.

In light of the three separate sexual assault accusations Sharper faces, Busted Coverage recalled a tweet the former Pro Bowl safety sent last June:

Yes, that’s Sharper talking about an old guy talking to young girls.

When Busted Coverage asked their Twitter audience whether Sharper was being serious with the tweet, a young woman responded that he was being serious and that Sharper is “creepy like that in real life.”

That tweet and the woman’s response look a heck of a lot worse in light of recent developments. These multiple allegations are a serious and distressing concern to be certain.

Sharper has been suspended by NFL Network, for whom he was working as an analyst, without pay.

Darren Sharper investigated for sexual assault in Louisiana

Darren SharperLess than a day after we learned that Darren Sharper was arrested on suspicion of rape in California, a report emerged saying that he is being investigated for an alleged sexual assault complaint in Louisiana.

WDSU reports that a woman complained in Sept. 2013 that Sharper sexually assaulted her.

“The NOPD is investigating an allegation of sexual assault filed against Darren Sharper,” the New Orleans Police Department told WDSU.com in a statement. “As with every case alleging sexual assault, information gathered is extremely sensitive and the top priority of the detectives is to protect the person who filed the complaint. Because this is an ongoing criminal investigation, we cannot provide additional information at this time.”

The incident between Sharper and the woman allegedly took place at a private residence in the Warehouse District. Sharper played for the New Orleans Saints for two seasons and won a Super Bowl with the team. The case is open and active.

Sharper was arrested Friday after being linked to two separate sexual assault allegations — one in January, and the other in Oct. 2013. He was booked in jail and released on $200k bond. NFL Network has suspended him for the time being.

Report: Darren Sharper arrested on suspicion of rape

Darren SharperFormer five-time Pro Bowl defensive back Darren Sharper was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday on suspicion of rape, according to a report.

TMZ Sports says Sharper, who won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in the 2009 season, was booked at a jail in LA and released on $200,000 bail.

Police reportedly say Sharper was linked to two alleged sexual assaults — one from Oct. 2013 and the other this month. TMZ later reported that the incidents both took place at Los Angeles hotels and involve two separate women.

Sharper had 63 interceptions during his 14-year career and returned 11 for touchdowns. The two-time All-Pro safety is currently an analyst for NFL Network.

WDSU also reports that Sharper is being investigated for an allegation of sexual assault in Louisiana.

Darren Sharper: Bad blood exists between Mike Tomlin and John Harbaugh

As you may have expected, it seems like there is an explanation for the awkward handshake that took place between Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin last weekend. Darren Sharper, who played college ball with Tomlin at William and Mary, appeared on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” on Wednesday night and explained the history between his former teammate and Harbaugh.

“There’s bad blood between these two coaches,” Sharper said, via USA TODAY. “You think about the fact that the teams do not like each other, so that carries over to the coaches because they’re the ones preaching to the team before the games. And before this game there was a little bit of an incident in which Coach Harbaugh had some comments after they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers which he knew the camera was on, too.”

After the Ravens beat the Steelers 13-10 at Heinz Field a few weeks ago, television cameras captured Harbaugh telling his players that they were the more physically tough team, the more mentally tough team, the better team and the team that knows how to win football games.

“Coach Tomlin, like all coaches do, they watch everything,” Sharper continued. “They read the papers — they try to say they don’t — they read the papers, they look at television, and he thought that was a message towards his team.

“I know this for sure. I talked to Mike, and after the game I asked him about the handshake, and he said that there is some bad blood there. And he did not appreciate what Coach Harbaugh said postgame after the first victory.”

Based on Sharper first-hand knowledge, it sounds like the excuse Tomlin gave about wanting to get to the locker room before his players so he could welcome them is bogus. Harbaugh’s comments after the first game were the same ones we hear from coaches after victories all the time. There’s no love lost between Steelers and Ravens. Perhaps Tomlin is simply falling into line.

Darren Sharper calls allegations of Saints bounties for hurting players ‘ridiculous’

On Friday, Gregg Williams faced accusations surrounding an alleged bounty system that he had in place during his three seasons as Saints defensive coordinator. Darren Sharper, who played under Williams as a safety for the Saints in 2009 and 2010, has flatly denied those claims. While Sharper acknowledges that there were incentive-based bonuses doled out to players, he says they were only for clean, legal plays.

“I think this is something that, from when I got in the league in 1997, has happened thousands and thousands of times over,” Sharper told NFL.com. “It’s ridiculous that someone is trying to say that we made bounties on knocking guys out, when basically all it was is that when a guy gets an interception, then he might get paid. That’s something that guys do amongst themselves.”

It seems as if Sharper may want to get his story straight with Williams, who has already issued a statement acknowledging and apologizing for what the NFL’s investigation unearthed. Given that other NFL players who never played under Williams are essentially shrugging their shoulders at the allegations and calling bounty systems commonplace in NFL locker rooms, Sharper’s remarks come off as a little surprising.

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Darren Sharper Says He Would Take Drew Brees Over Brett Favre in the Clutch

It is no surprise to hear Darren Sharper say he would take former teammate Drew Brees over former teammate Brett Favre. Sharper played with Brees more recently and Brees is a much more well-liked NFL player than Favre.  However, the reason he gave is pretty entertaining.

“With the game on the line I would have to go with Mr. Drew Brees, because we’ve seen Brett — who I love to death — throw the ball up in the air when anyone can make a play on it, intercept it, at the end of games,” Sharper said on Sportscenter Tuesday according to Pro Football Talk. “If you want to come down to a two-minute drill where you need a play for your team to win, you go with one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL, and that’s Drew Brees.”

That’s an even easier question for Sharper to answer fresh off of Brees’ record-breaking performance against the Falcons.  Still, it’s fun to continue to use Favre as a punching bag.  That makes two players this season who have said they prefer their current signal-caller to the Ole Gunslinger.  All Favre is a jackass jokes aside, I’d take Brees or Aaron Rodgers over him any day.