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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Davey Johnson

Davey Johnson: Joe Maddon is a ‘weird wuss’

When Davey Johnson brought Joel Peralta’s cheating ways to the umpiring crew’s attention on Tuesday, Joe Maddon was not happy. Maddon’s argument was basically that everyone does it, and Peralta even used to pitch for the Nationals. Maddon went as far as to call the Nationals manager “cowardly” for making a big deal over it….Read More

Davey Johnson Says Nationals Can Win Pennant, Needs a Drug Test

The NL East had two of the best teams in the National League last season. Neither one of them was the Nationals. That won’t stop manager Davey Johnson, whose option for 2012 was exercised by the team, from boasting about the Nats’ potential for the upcoming season. “Winning the pennant. Winning the National League,” Johnson…Read More

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