Cowboys Kicker on Ted Ginn Jr.: Hit Him in the Mouth Early and He Might Give Up

Ted Ginn Jr. was one of the most valuable players of the opening weekend of the NFL season. The special teams ace returned a kickoff for a touchdown with under four minutes left against the Seahawks, and a handful of plays later, he returned a punt to the house. Ginn took a 19-17 game and single-handedly made it a 33-17 blowout in a matter of minutes. He’s a game-changer on special teams, and he’ll look to continue his efforts Sunday when his 49ers play the Cowboys.

Despite Ginn’s success as a returner, Cowboys kicker David Buehler is not worried. In fact, he thinks Ginn can be intimidated. Speaking about the Cowboys’ game Sunday against the 49ers, Buehler took a shot at Ginn.

“If the wind is at my back, hopefully I’ll get the green light and be able to kick a touchback and keep it out of Ted Ginn’s hands because he is a dangerous returner,” Cowboys kicker David Buehler said. “As long as you hit him in the mouth earlier, I think he might give up.”

Ordinarily you might say a kicker has no business calling a real player soft, but Buehler is no ordinary kicker. The ex-USC Trojan is a 6’2″ 227 lb. monster who played running back and linebacker in high school. Oh yeah, he also outlifted 27 offensive linemen at the combine and ran a 4.56 40. He can defend himself on the field perfectly fine and will have no problem standing up to Ginn. The question is if Ginn will be able to make him pay on the field.

USC Kicker David Buehler Should Tryout for Linebacker in the NFL

My buddy Botros sent me a text today suggesting I “Do a story on David Buehler’s combine performance. Amazing.” Naturally I had not effing clue who this David Buehler guy was, so I inquired for further details. “He out-lifted 27 olineman at the combine and ran a 4.56 40 which was faster than Kahlil Bell. And he’s a ****ing placekicker!” were the clues to the puzzle. Both of us are Bruins, so to hear that USC’s kicker is faster than our starting running back pretty much sums up the crosstown rivalry the past decade. But Botros was right; that little tidbit was nothing of which we should be ashamed — this David Buehler character seems like quite the athlete.

Upon further review, Buehler was a transfer from Santa Ana JC where he also went both ways as a linebacker and running back, in addition to serving as the team’s kicker. He also comes from some great football pedigree — two of his uncles played at Stanford, one of whom also went on to play for the Raiders and Browns. On the surface this seemed like a crazy story (the combine stats Botros texted me are accurate), but after digging deeper it makes a lot more sense. I think it really speaks to the all-around talent of Buehler as an athlete more than anything else. And do you think some of the top offensive lineman like Michael Oher and Eugene Monroe will be embarrassed to have been out-lifted by a kicker? Maybe not anymore. I’ll just leave it at this: If Buehler makes it to the NFL as a kicker, just watch out for the fakes. You have been forewarned.