David Cone calls Ichiro’s bat a ‘chopstick’

Cy Young Award winner and current Yankees TV analyst David Cone referred to outfielder Ichiro Suzuki’s bat as a “chopstick” on the telecast during the Yankees-Red Sox game on Tuesday night.

“Probably a ball, but Suzuki with the chopstick,” Cone said while watching a replay of Ichiro’s at-bat.

Suzuki reached for an outside pitch and grounded a ball to the shortstop in the 11th inning. The Yankees won 4-3 in the 12th, but Cone’s remark stood out.

H/T Jimmy Traina
Video via @CJZero

David Cone mocks John Sterling from Yankees TV booth (Video)

David Cone had some fun at the expense of Yankees radio announcer John Sterling during the fourth inning of Tuesday’s Yankees-Red Sox game. Cody Ross was batting and fouled an 0-1 pitch back towards the announcing booths. The ball went between the Yankees’ radio and TV booths, and TV commentator David Cone immediately began making fun of play-by-play voices Sterling and Michael Kay for avoiding the ball.

Coney gave it particularly hard to Sterling, getting off this instant classic line:

“It is high, it is far, it is on my forehead.”

That of course was Cone’s way of mocking Sterling, who bellows “it is high, it is far, it is gone,” when the Yankees hit home runs. Well done Coney, well done.

What’s strange is that this is the second time in about a week that Sterling has been at the center of foul balls. Last week, his microphone was hit by a foul ball in a Yankees-Rays game:

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