Pacman Jones reportedly threatened David Nelson: ‘I’m going to find out where you live’

Pacman-Jones-Says-He-Was-too-Immature-With-TitansCincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones was unhappy with the way New York Jets wide receiver David Nelson played against him on Sunday. Pacman thought Nelson threw numerous cheap shots during the Bengals’ 49-9 blowout victory, one of which drew an unnecessary roughness penalty at the end of the third quarter.

“(Nelson) was playing dirty,” Jones said after the game. “He cut me like four times after the play. Thank God I took my medicine today, I guess, and I didn’t go off. Hopefully, he’ll get fined. At least three fines. There were three real cheap shots after the play.”

I doubt Nelson is going to be fined three times, but we get the point. Jones was furious. According to the NY Daily News, he was so angry that he may have crossed the line by threatening Nelson.

“I’m going to find out where you live and come and get you,” Jones reportedly told Nelson at one point during the game.

Pacman and Rex Ryan were also seen jawing at one point, and Pacman says Rex had told him to “shut the hell up.”

We’d have to see the game to know whether we agree with Pacman about Nelson playing dirty, though the officials obviously agreed on at least one play. Even if Nelson was throwing cheap shots, there’s a line you can’t cross with trash talking. Threatening someone like that would constitute crossing the line. Given Pacman’s incredibly long list of off-field issues, the last thing he should be doing is threatening to find out where someone lives.

David Nelson learns Bills likely will let him go via Twitter report

David NelsonDavid Nelson says he learned that his stint with the Buffalo Bills is likely coming to an end after reading a Twitter report on Friday night.

Nelson has spent three seasons with the Bills and is recovering from a torn ACL suffered in Week 1 last year. Though the Buffalo News reported two weeks ago that the team is expected to tender him a contract by the March 15 deadline, Yahoo! Sports’ Jason Cole reported otherwise on Friday.

Here is what Cole reported over Twitter:

Nelson, who is active on Twitter and has over 77k followers, was shocked to read the report via Twitter:

There has been no shortage of this sort of thing happening lately. More and more athletes are on Twitter, which means they have the ability to see what is being said about them.

Even if Nelson is released, he still will get picked up by another team.

Photo: Twitter/David Nelson

Jerry Jones Thought David Nelson Giving Ball to Girflriend was Romantic

When David Nelson jogged over to his girlfriend — Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich — and gave her his touchdown ball last Sunday, he drew a mixed reaction from fans.  The Twitter universe immediately exploded with people ranting about why he would do something like that while the Bills were getting blown out.  Some people thought it was a nice gesture and commended Nelson for not going over the top.  Others even wondered if the maneuver would get Reich in trouble, since her job is to cheer for the Cowboys.  As it turns out, reprimanding Reich was the furthest thing from Jerry Jones’ mind.

“I thought it was a neat as a pin,” Jones told KRLD-FM on Tuesday. “Frankly, our cheerleaders get the recognition that they get. I know it was a surprise to her, but I sure enjoyed looking at the highlights on ESPN and coverage like that to focus on that part of it. There’s a lot about sports. A little romance thrown in from time to time is another big plus.”

Wait a minute — Jerruh has a romantic side?  I thought the only love he felt was toward money.  Go figure.  Jones laughed when he was asked if the exchange put Reich’s job in jeopardy, saying that he hadn’t spoken with her but, “the last thing that occurred to me was to be upset about anything.”  He may be a tough boss to work for when it comes to being a coach or player but it sounds like Jones can be considered a cheerleader’s owner.

David Nelson Gives TD Ball to Cowboys Cheerleader Girlfriend Kelsi Reich (Picture)

Aw, shucks. All you romantic people out there are just going to have to wait.  With the way David Nelson was talking earlier in the week about facing Dallas with his Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend in attendance, you would have thought he was lying about not planning a proposal.  Nelson willed his way into the end zone early against the Cowboys on Sunday, and as promised he had a little something in store for Kelsi Reich.  He jogged all the way over to where the Cowboys cheerleaders were set up and gave her the ball.  Check it out:

You can see a video of the catch and moment between the two love birds here on NFL.com.  If I was Reich I’d be pretty disappointed with the results.  You have your boyfriend talking about how he has something special planned if he scores and all you get out of the deal is a football.  She probably already has a dozen of them, none of which she wants.  C- for creativity.

UPDATE: Reich tweeted after the game that she’s the happiest girl in the world after getting her game ball. So much for the theory that she was disappointed.

David Nelson Facing Odd Conflict of Interest Against Cowboys Cheerleader Girlfriend Kelsi Reich

Like any good girlfriend would, David Nelson’s significant other will be cheering for him when the Bills take on the Cowboys this weekend. What is unusual about this particular situation is that the lovely lady, Kelsi Reich, had better keep the cheering to herself. Otherwise, she might lose her job.

Reich is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and Nelson, of course, is a receiver for the Bills. Reich’s actual job description is to root for the Cowboys, so you can see why it might be uncomfortable if she shows any emotion if her boyfriend makes a big play this weekend.

“She works for the Dallas Cowboys and roots for the Dallas Cowboys, but I know she’ll have some inside joy if I do well,” Nelson said according Inside the Bills. “So it’s going to be a fun experience and I’m going to definitely be looking and record the TV copy and see if they show her a couple of times to see her reaction. It’s going to be fun. It’s something we’ve been looking forward to for some time and we’ve already been trash talking back and forth a little bit.”

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