Deon Grant Insists He Wasn’t Faking Injury

The New York Giants were called out for faking injuries on Monday night to slow down the Rams’ no-huddle offense. It was pretty obvious that they were flopping considering two players went down at the same time the Giants were trying to make substitutions. The Rams sent in an official complaint, the league sent a memo to all 32 teams, and there has been talk about how to police the situation. But if you listen to Deon Grant tell it, there is no need for all of this.

The Giants defensive back is defying all reason and logic with his latest comments, and he’s telling us not to believe what we saw.

Grant was upset that he was being accused of faking injuries. He told reporters that he banged knees with an opponent on the previous play and listened to his teammates who told him to just go down. He’s arguing that his knee injury is legitimate, and he took the accusations as an affront to his toughness.

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Giants Defense Fakes Injuries to Slow Down Rams’ No-Huddle Offense

The Rams were moving the ball well so well in the first quarter of their Monday night game that New York Giants had to resort to flopping:

Someone needs to remind the Giants that in order to make their flops look legit, only one guy can take a dive at a time. Deon Grant and Jacquian Williams need to coordinate their efforts next time to avoid looking so foolish.

To provide some context for the flopping, the Rams had moved from their 26 to the Giants seven on seven plays. New York only had three down linemen on the field and wanted to sub in another one but didn’t have a chance, so they faked injuries to get things organized. It also didn’t help that Corey Webster appeared to twist his ankle two plays earlier — maybe they wanted to give him a break. Meanwhile, Cal football is wondering what the problem is.