DJ Fluker’s agent says they know who hacked his Twitter account

DJ Fluker was in a bit of a crapstorm after a tweet sent from his account Monday night said he accepted money while in college.

DJ Fluker Twitter hacked

Fluker’s agent was predictably fuming over the tweet, and it didn’t take him long to address the matter by calling the tweet a hack job.

Gilmore, who works for Priority Sports and Entertainment, told AL.com that they know who hacked Fluker.

“We know who did this,” Gilmore told Al.com. “This is totally fiction, but I’m waiting to get some proof. I’ve been on the phone with Twitter.”

Gilmore not only wanted to protect his client, who is expected to be a first-round pick in the NFL Draft, but also himself; it’s against the rules for agents to give money to college athletes.

Fluker was a part of three national championship teams at Alabama. He was a starter at right tackle for the Crimson Tide’s last two national title teams. He can also play guard and would probably dominate at that position in the NFL.

So, the big question is: Do you believe Fluker’s agent? Was DJ really hacked? Let us know in the comments. We think it’s a 50-50 possibility.

Drew Stanton’s agent Deryk Gilmore blasts Jets, Tim Tebow on Twitter

The Drew Stanton era with the New York Jets is over after only a week. The Jets announced on Friday that they sent the disgruntled, newly signed back-up quarterback to the Colts. Stanton expressed displeasure with the Jets’ acquisition of Tim Tebow because GM Mike Tannenbaum had reportedly already promised Stanton when he signed last week that the team wouldn’t add any more quarterbacks.

The Jets reportedly sent the seventh-round pick they received from the Broncos along with Stanton in exchange for a sixth-round pick from the Colts. Soon after the trade was announced, Stanton’s agent, Deryk Gilmore, took the opportunity to rip the Jets and Tebow on Twitter:

“Excited for the #Colts to get @drewstanton a leader, winner, and QB not a gimmick to sell tickets.”

Burn! In case you weren’t sure what type of relationship Stanton and his people had with the Jets post-Tebow trade, there you go. The tweet, however, has since been taken down and replaced with one that has a more chivalrous tone:

At least this has a happy ending for both sides. Let’s just hope Stanton and Gilmore both already know the Colts are going to draft Andrew Luck.

Photo credit: Michael Sackett, US Presswire