Umpire Mike DiMuro blows call on Dewayne Wise dropped fly ball (Video)

Umpire Mike DiMuro made one of the worst calls of the MLB season on Tuesday when he ruled that Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise caught a fly ball that he clearly dropped.

Indians third baseman Jack Hannahan was batting in the seventh and sent a ball down the left field line. Wise tracked the ball and fell into the stands trying to make the catch. Though the ball came out of his glove, DiMuro ruled it an out.

Wise wasn’t complaining about the call.

“I’m not going to argue with him,” Wise said, according to Bombers Beat. “It was a tough angle for him. Stuff like that happens. They’re not perfect. He said, ‘Out,’ right away, so what was I supposed to do? Run back to left field? I ran off the field.”

Hannahan actually was ejected in the 8th for telling DiMuro to take a look at the replay. DiMuro eventually did, and admitted he was wrong after the game.

“I went out on the ball and saw the ball into his glove in his stands. He disappeared into the stands and I believed that the ball was in his glove,” he told a pool reporter, per The Star-Ledger.

“Now that I see the tape it’s obvious that the ball fell out of his glove. In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision.”

I still think Tim Welke’s blown call was worse, but this was pretty darn bad.

Time to finally add instant replay, MLB? I’d say so.

Video: DeWayne Wise’s Amazing Catch to Preserve Buehrle’s Perfect Game

Mark Buehrle threw just the 18th perfect game in MLB history on Thursday, beating the Rays 5-0. He faced 27 batters and retired them all, striking out six. There were a couple of close calls, one coming in the 8th when a Pat Burrell line drive landed just foul down the third base line. The other was when Gabe Kapler sent a ball deep to center field to lead off the 9th. Luckily Ozzie Guillen had just put DeWayne Wise in at center as a defensive replacement. Check out his amazing catch:

When you consider the situation and the pressure involved, that was a truly impressive catch. You have to give Ozzie credit for making the switch too, unlike Bruce Bochy who moved Juan Uribe to third base and screwed up Jonathan Sanchez’s perfect game bid. Buehrle says he bought everyone on the team a watch after he threw a no-hitter two years ago. Something tells me he’ll be buying DeWayne Wise something slightly nicer than that.