Didier Drogba leads Chelsea to victory in epic Champions League final

To earn its first-ever UEFA Champions League title, Chelsea can thank a guy who might not even be on the club next season. With his team’s backs against the wall and a daunting Bayern Munich side minutes away from victory, Didier Drogba came to the rescue when he headed home an equalizer that snatched that victory away from their German opponents’ grasp. And when the match came down to penalty kicks, it was Drogba who drilled home the deciding goal that sealed the West London club’s fate as kings of Europe:

But this was hardly a one-man show. There was also Chelsea’s back line playing gutty defense that mostly withstood an unrelenting Munich onslaught, Petr Cech putting together a brilliant, Jonathan Quick-ian performance between the woodwork, and the amazing amount of sheer luck on their side. All proved to be lifelines for the club in front of what was a hostile, pro-Bayern crowd (the match coincidentally was played in Bayern’s home stadium, Allianz Arena). And yet, it all seemed to be for naught when Munich finally broke the scoring barrier in 83rd minute on Thomas Muller‘s header, giving the Bundesliga squad a 1-0 advantage and an apparent victory. Only for Drogba to bail out the Blues five minutes later.

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Reggie Bush thinks Didier Drogba will be hitting Nazi chicks, make perms popular

Reggie Bush sent a tweet on Saturday that he probably would like to have back. The Dolphins running back was watching the UEFA Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, and he came away impressed with Didier Drogba.

After seeing Drogba score a tying goal in the 85th minute and then the winner in penalty kicks, Bush tweeted about how beloved the Chelsea forward will be. At first he suggested that Drogba’s hair style would catch on in England:

OK, fair enough. But then Bush ventured into a questionable area when he suggested Drogba would have sex with a German woman later that night:

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Fan wins training session with Didier Drogba, offers it to Fernando Torres

On Saturday night, Chelsea forward Didier Drogba raised more than 250,000 Euros for his charity, The Didier Drogba Foundation. One man paid 15,000 Euros for a personal training session with Drogba, and after winning the auction he promptly took the opportunity to use his prize as a hilarious punchline. Via the Daily Mail:

Didier Drogba managed to keep a straight face at his charity ball as the winner of a training session with the Ivorian striker offered to donate the prize to his misfiring colleague Fernando Torres.

Auction winner 1, Torres 0. For those of you who do not follow the Premier League, Torres has been struggling mightily this season. In 22 games, he has only two goals on 45 shots. Since signing with Chelsea from Liverpool in January, Torres has scored only three goals in 36 appearances and has hardly lived up to his 50 million-Euro price tag. Roberto Di Matteo, Chelsea’s caretaker manager, believes the problem is between the ears for the 27-year-old.

“He has a psychological problem and only Fernando can unlock it,” Di Matteo said according to ESPN.com. “If he needs me, I am always here but it is obvious the change must come from him. He must not think about how much he cost the club. He must concentrate only on playing and not about scoring, or providing an assist or making a great play every time he touches the ball.”

Or maybe he could just accept the auction winner’s offer.

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Drogba Rides Stephen Warnock Like a Cowboy

Didier Drogba went a wee bit crazy on Stephen Warnock during Chelsea’s match with Aston Villa Saturday. After falling on top of Warnock, Drogba rode the defender like a cowboy. As you can see, the entire incident was slightly disturbing. Video below.

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