Edwin Valero Adds to Disturbing Trend in Recent Boxing Deaths

Within the last three years at least five prominent boxers have died. One was an accident, three were suicides, and one was a murder crime. Most recently, Venezuelan lightweight champion Edwin Valero committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell early Monday morning after being suspected of killing his wife on Sunday. Valero had a reputation as quite the mauler given his 27-0 record by 27 knockouts. He had several problems with his wife over the past year and their deaths was the end result.

Back in July of 2009, Alexis Arguello was found dead at his home in Nicaragua, the victim of a gunshot to the chest that was ruled a suicide. Arguello was a champ in three different weight classes and had recently been elected mayor of Managua prior to his death. His son does not believe his father committed suicide. Arguello was 82-8 with 65 knockouts in his career.

Two weeks later, also in July 2009, Arturo Gatti was found dead at a hotel room in Brazil, the apparent victim of strangulation. His wife was initially suspected of strangling him with a purse strap but by late July she had been released from jail and the death had been ruled a suicide. Gatti was 40-9 in his career, a world champ in two weight classes, and part of a classic trilogy of bouts with Micky Ward.

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Report: Diego Corrales Was Drunk at Time of Fatal Crash

Just over a month ago it was announced that boxer Chico Corrales died in a motorcycle crash. Now it’s coming out that Chico was drunk when he crashed his motorcycle. And not just drunk, but disturbingly over the limit, to the point where he appears to be 100% responsible for his death. From Doghouse Boxing via Max Boxing:

After toxicology tests showed Corrales’ blood-alcohol content was 0.25 percent, Las Vegas police Sgt. Tracy McDonald said it’s quite possible that had he not been impaired, he could have prevented his accident. The legal limit Nevada is 0.08 percent.

McDonald went further on to say: “Bottom line, no one else did anything wrong.” McDonald said the investigation found speed was a factor but no drugs were in Corrales’ system other than alcohol. “He basically killed himself,” said McDonald.

Eww, that’s some harsh words for someone after their death. But seriously, if he was three times over the limit, then Chico indeed did it to himself. And what’s worse, is that the news diminishes the tragic aspect of the death, not unlike the Josh Hancock case. What a sad case.

Boxing Lost a Warrior in Corrales

I heard some truly sad news while at work Monday night, FOX Sports Radio anchor Tomm Looney reported that boxer Chico Corrales had died in a motorcycle accident. Immediately I pictured Chico in the ring, tattoos emblazoned across his body, just whaling on an opponent, and taking punches as tough as the ones he was landing. I pictured blood coming from his mouth, matching the red on his fists. While being far from one of my favorite fighters, I respected Diego. He always gave the audience a show, and you could never accuse him of not trying his hardest. Anyone who questions his toughness can be directed to his fight against Jose Luis Castillo. And just like Phillips who posted an excellent tribute to Corrales at Rumors and Rants, HG at YOU BEEN BLINDED, and MJD who did the same at FanHouse, I’d like to leave you with some video highlights of his finest moments, from his legendary bouts against Castillo. But before I present the video, I want this incident to serve as a reminder that motorcycles are extremely dangerous (yes, you know who you are). And to further articulate this message, I will also leave these details regarding the cause of death:

He said a motorcyclist was northbound on Fort Apache at about 7:15 p.m. when he drove into the rear of a 1997 Honda Accord.

The victim was thrown from the motorcycle and flew into an oncoming 2004 two-door Mercedes-Benz sedan, McDonald said.

Corrales was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

McDonald said the motorcyclist was wearing a full-face helmet.

The saddest part is that the death was avoidable. On a brighter note, check out Chico in some of his finest moments ever, bouncing back from being floored twice in the 10th round, to scoring a TKO in the SAME freakin’ round. Man was he awesome: