D.J. Williams allegedly gave non-human urine samples to NFL drug testers

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, who is facing a six-game suspension for violating the league’s drug policy, is being accused of attempting to manipulate three NFL drug tests last year by providing the collectors with non-human urine.

Williams has filed court documents because he is challenging his six-game suspension, and the documents only make him look worse.

According to The Denver Post, Williams provided a urine sample last August before the season began. Half the sample was tested for performance-enhancing substances while the other half was tested as part of the “substances of abuse” program. The performance-enhancing drug testers flagged the sample because:

“The specimen does not contain any endogenous steroids. The profile is not consistent with a normal, healthy male urine specimen.”

Since the substance of abuse test doesn’t check for endogenous steroids, which are present in human urine, his alleged “non-human urine” passed the test.

Williams provided a second urine test in September and toxicologists concluded that the sample did not contain human urine either.

Then in November, Williams dropped a bottle while giving his urine sample, according to a specimen collector. He then kicked the dropped bottle into the locker room because collectors aren’t allowed to go in there. He offered some ridiculous excuse for the dropped bottle and claimed he didn’t intentionally kick it into the locker room.

A federal judge isn’t buying Williams’ excuses and said last month that “subsequent incidents demonstrated [Williams'] ‘common scheme or plan’ to manipulate tests.”

I’d say so. Dude gets popped for failing a drug test, then submits another bogus urine sample, and then he’s caught dropping a bottle that likely contained his fake urine in a third test? What a moron.

Honestly, how dumb can you be? And what does this say about the NFL’s drug testing policy if Williams is challenging just a six-game suspension for trying to manipulate three drug tests?

Maybe if Williams just read Tony Mandarich’s guide to passing a urine test he wouldn’t have had this problem.

Broncos LB D.J. Williams Does Not Think Tebowing Is Cool

Perhaps all that time Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams spent in a hyperbaric chamber recently has taken away from his sense of humor.  As you all must know by now, a new sensation is sweeping the nation: Tebowing.  Fans across the country have been dropping down to one knee and praying in the most random situations just to get their Tebow on.  Denver’s Von Miller even got in on the fun, but it sounds like we won’t see Williams joining the fad any time soon.  Here is D.J. on Twitter raining on a Broncos fan’s parade for Tebowing.

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D.J. Williams Spent His Off Day in a Hyperbaric Chamber (Picture)

Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams caused the fumble in overtime that led to Denver’s winning field goal Sunday. His play has been overlooked by many because Tim Tebow has received most of the attention for the team’s comeback. Williams recognizes that, but it won’t stop him from keeping himself ready to continue performing on Sundays.

D.J. tweeted that picture to fellow ex-Miami Hurricanes linebacker Jonathan Vilma on Tuesday afternoon, saying “I spend my day off in this damn hyperbaric chamber! Yes I’ve become a gadget guy.. Anything for a win.”

Hyperbaric chambers have become popular among athletes, as has cryogenic therapy. Those are two reasons athletes seem to recover from the punishment their bodies endure.

I don’t know what to say, D.J., I didn’t know that’s how they did it in the ‘Burg.

D.J. Williams Throws up the ‘U’ After Interception

Former Miami Hurricanes linebacker D.J. Williams showed his allegiance to his alma mater by throwing up the “U” after recording an interception in his preseason game Saturday night. He retweeted fans that mentioned him throwing up the Canes sign, and wrote back to one “Rep til I die!”

Then he said “Hey Polk, when you gonna come kick it in the Burg?” Just kidding.

If you thought the Nevin Shapiro scandal would tear apart the program, you were wrong. Going through tough times probably brings the former players closer to each other and makes them want to support the program even more.

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Broncos, McDaniels Handle D.J. Williams’ DUI the Right Way

By now you’ve probably heard about Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams being arrested for a DUI on Friday morning — his second in five years.  Considering he’s a repeat offender, Williams will likely be in plenty of trouble with the law as well as the NFL and his team.  On Saturday, the Denver Broncos released a statement informing the public that Williams has been fined as much as the CBA allows, will not start on Sunday, and is no longer a team captain.

Every DUI should be handled the way Josh McDaniels and the Broncos organization are handling the Williams situation.  Denver (2-6) has not had a very successful season thus far, but Williams is an enormous component of their defensive scheme.  He’s a tackling machine and a leader on the field.  Clearly the same can’t be said of him off the field.

Rather than bench Williams for a quarter and take no other action like the Jets did with Braylon Edwards, the Broncos are doing everything they can under the current CBA to punish him.  Stripping a captain of his title mid-season is extremely rare and it’s good to see a coach who isn’t afraid to go there if the player’s behavior warrants it.  Williams’ will likely be more concerned about what the law holds for his future, but I commend the Broncos for cutting him down as much as they can until the situation is sorted out.