Report: Donald Sterling went out for drinks with doctor after mental capacity exam

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling is in the process of trying to prove that he is still capable of running the Los Angeles Clippers. Prior to Shelly Sterling negotiating a sale of the team with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Donald was declared mentally incapacitated when he couldn’t perform simple tasks like numbering a clock or spelling words backwards.

According to ESPNLosAngeles.com’s Ramona Shelburne, Sterling will now argue that the findings of one of the doctors who examined him are invalid. Why? Because the doc supposedly went out for dinner and drinks with Sterling, his wife and a family friend after the exam.

In court documents filed last week, Donald Sterling’s attorneys said that “it was unclear at what point a medical examination ceased and a social interaction began, with the consumption of alcoholic beverages taking place.”

(Sterling’s attorney Bobby Samini) said Monday night that when the doctor in question is cross-examined during the four-day trial that is set to begin July 7, he would ask whether “any part of your professional evaluation would take into consideration the conversation you had with him at the Polo Lounge.”

Sterling’s attorneys have decided that they will now examine whether Shelly Sterling followed the correct procedure outlined in the Sterling Family Trust regarding competency. In other words, Sterling’s legal team will focus on the exam procedure itself rather than whether he is actually mentally competent.

The time Donald Sterling tried to wreck Chris Paul’s marriage

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling is such a repugnant being, he once tried to publicly ruin Chris Paul’s marriage.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has a pretty incredible piece on Sterling that is full of incredible details and insight about the man and his character. We really recommend you read the entire thing.

One of the notable nuggets mentioned in the lengthy story concerns a party Sterling threw in 2012 to celebrate the Clippers making the playoffs. The whole story about the party is pretty funny, so we’ll include it below. The stuff about CP3’s marriage is just plain sad.

From Shelburne’s story:

In 2012, [Sterling] hired Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonators for a party to celebrate the Clippers’ playoff berth. The Marilyn impersonator tried and failed to coax Blake Griffin and Chris Paul up on stage with her before seductively serenading then-coach Vinny Del Negro while everyone in the room watched. “It was awkward, to put it nicely,” Griffin says. “Vinny ended up biting the bullet for us there.”

Later, Sterling brought Paul up on stage with him. He asked for a round of applause for the point guard who had elevated the franchise to a new level, then joked, “Why is this guy married? Look at all the beautiful women in L.A.” Paul’s wife was in the audience. He smiled uncomfortably and said, “Because I love my wife.”

That’s Sterling in a nutshell for you. Not only is the guy doing his best to encourage CP3 to divorce his wife, but his lack of awareness just shines through. He has no idea about how terribly he comes off for trying to make such a suggestion. And who does that at a formal event full of wives and families?

Below are CP3 and his wife, Jada:

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Donald Sterling relaxes with new girlfriend in Palm Springs


Donald Sterling is currently wrapped up in a legal battle with the NBA, but that doesn’t mean the Los Angeles Clippers owner is not going to enjoy his down time. Over the weekend, Sterling was spotted relaxing at the luxurious JW Marriott in Palm Springs, Calif.

A source told Radar Online that Sterling was cozying up with a new girlfriend, who happened to be an African-American woman. The two checked in on Friday and reportedly did not seem concerned with who spotted them.

“He didn’t seem to have a care in the world and it looked pretty clear why that chick was with him,” Radar’s source claimed. “They were being really affectionate with each other.”

While we don’t know if the young lady he was with was actually his girlfriend, we do know that Sterling was at the Marriott. A guy named Mark who was at the same hotel snapped a photo of Sterling strutting through the resort. He also managed to take a selfie with Sterling and his lady friend lounging in the background.

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Donald Sterling couldn’t number a clock, spell words backwards

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling lost control of the Clippers after he was declared mentally incapacitated, which made Shelly Sterling the complete controller of the family trust.

So was Donald being declared mentally incapacitated part of some evil ploy by Shelly to have the team sold to Steve Ballmer? Or were there legitimate reasons for it? It sounds like the latter was true.

The medical results of Sterling’s neurological exams were filed in court, and the results definitely indicate the old man has mental issues.

According to TMZ Sports, one neurologist said Sterling was unable to number a clock. The neurologist also said Sterling had trouble with reverse spelling and serial subtraction.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne says Sterling was unable to spell “clock” backwards.

Both neurologists who examined Sterling said the old man was unfit to run the Clippers.

Shelly Sterling going to court, concerned Steve Ballmer could back out of deal

Shelly-Sterling-Donald-SterlingNow that Donald Sterling seems to have made up his mind that he is going to fight to keep the Los Angeles Clippers, his wife Shelly Sterling has decided she will take Donald to court in an attempt to finalize her control over the Sterling Family Trust.

According to Tami Abdollah of the Associated Press, Shelly is seeking an emergency order for a hearing to try to convince a judge to grant her full authority to sell the Clippers. Shelly has previously stated that she is the sole trustee of the Sterling Family Trust and does not need Donald to sign off on the sale of the team after neurologists determined last month that he suffers from dementia and is “mentally incapacitated.”

Sterling’s lawyer Max Belcher claims Donald is fully capable of handling his own affairs.

“There isn’t the slightest evidence he’s incapable of managing his affairs,” Belcher said.

A separate report from TMZ claims Shelly is growing concerned that former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer could back out of his $2 billion agreement to purchase the Clippers. The tentative deal between Shelly and Ballmer reportedly contains an escape clause for Ballmer if it is determined that she does not have clear control over the team.

Should Donald win his case against Shelly and prove he is mentally fit to remain owner of the Clippers, the NBA will revert to its original plan of forcing Sterling out through a vote. David Aldridge of NBA.com reports that the league “initiated termination protocol” against Sterling last month but halted the process when it appeared Sterling was going to agree to give up the team.

The only thing we are certain of as the saga rolls on is that there are a ton of moving parts. That means the entire ordeal is going to take some time to sort out. Whether the legal proceedings are enough to scare Ballmer away remains to be seen.

Donald Sterling to ‘fight for the rights of all Americans’

Donald SterlingIt took his legal team a while to get around to it, but Donald Sterling is finally taking the freedom of speech approach in his fight to keep the Los Angeles Clippers. After he changed his mind several times about whether he would approve the sale of the team, Sterling sent out a press release on Tuesday announcing that he will fight for the American people.

“I was brought up in America and educated to believe that every citizen has a right to privacy and right to freedom of speech,” the release stated. “As a lawyer and citizen, I am shocked (but not surprised) that the NBA wants to take away those fundamental rights.

“I feel that every American has to protect those rights and that the NBA should not be allowed to take away those rights. I have apologized for my mistakes. My apology is sincere. I want every American to know that I will not give up fighting for those rights.”

You hear that, folks? Sterling may be a racist, but he is not just fighting to keep his own team. He is fighting for each and every one of us. Heck, he’s no different from George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or the dude from “Braveheart.” Cue the music:

Sterling went on to claim that NBA commissioner Adam Silver is using him a scapegoat to avoid examining the league’s own “discriminatory practices.” He called the NBA a “band of hypocrites and bullies” that uses money from fans to “exact its reign of terror.” He ended with one final rally cry.

“We have to fight for the rights of all Americans. We have to fight these despicable monsters. THIS IS THE REASON I WILL NOT SELL MY TEAM.”

Was that 80-year-old Donald Sterling or William Wallace? You tell me…

Donald Sterling will now sue NBA for $1 billion, but league can’t pay him

Donald Sterling Anderson Cooper

Donald Sterling has had a change of heart and will now prosecute his $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA a week after saying he would drop the suit and approve the sale of the Clippers to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Sterling apparently changed his mind after learning the NBA would not rescind its $2.5 million fine and lifetime ban of the former owner.

According to the AP, Sterling is alleging in his suit that the league violated his rights by relying on information obtained from an illegal recording made by V. Stiviano. The suit also says the “league committed a breach of contract by fining Sterling $2.5 million and that it violated antitrust laws by trying to force a sale.”

Shelly Sterling was able to negotiate a sale of the Clippers because Donald was declared mentally incapacitated, which allowed her to become the sole controller of The Sterling Family Trust, which owns the Clippers.

Shelly Sterling has already agreed to indemnify the NBA against all lawsuits, so Donald would just be paying himself for whatever damages a court awards him if he wins, which really means the suit is about the principle of the matter, or basically whatever Donald feels.

There have been suggestions that Sterling is showing signs of dementia or other age-related issues. His inconsistent behavior certainly would be explained by that.

Based on the circumstances for the situation, I was surprised that he even agreed to the sale in the first place. He had legal grounds from the start because the Stiviano recording was likely obtained illegally.